Friday, August 22, 2008

Halo 3 Plasma Pistol 2 Player Set Review/Video Review

Jasman Toys returns with the new Halo 3 2 player target shooting set! Check out the new video review to see how they stack up!

If you were one of those people who loved the first two entries into the Halo Laser Pursuit Set, but were not very thrilled about the price for them; Jasman Toys has an answer for you! Yes! Jasman Toys has heard the cries of those saying the Plasma Riffle and Plasma Pistol were far too expensive and has responded by making a cheaper, scaled down, two player set for only $39.99.

The first and obvious question is going to be “Ok, so it’s cheaper! Does it still work like the original ones?” and the answer is that these work just as well as the other weapons and actually handles better than the original Plasma Pistol.

2playerplasma 001

The new Pistols have ditched the LCD, vibration and “pop out” over heat functions of the original gun and have instead scaled the weapons down slightly so they feel quite more comfortable to hold. The gun still features its overcharge shot function, still has lights and still features very high quality sound effects that sound just like the game. The pistols seem significantly lighter and now that it lacks the more expensive pieces; it seems much more durable in the hands of children.

The laser receiver that registers hits also makes it returns in the two set, though it is slightly smaller and this time painted a darker color then its predecessor. It still features the same clip on the back for clipping on the player as well. Another great feature is that the guns and receivers are backwards compatible with the original set, meaning if you have the original two guns; you can play with the new set as well!

I let some of the neighborhood kids try these out as Jasman Toys was kind enough to send me two sets of these and the kids grasped the concept of the guns pretty easily. While most of them were too young to have played the actual Halo video game, they seemed to be enthralled with them enough to make the kid’s mother’s interested and minutes later they were asking me where they could pick a set up of their own. They also asked me what the heck I was doing with so many laser guns… I should have responded by telling them I was preparing for the invasion, but I’m sure they would have called the cops on me.

Where can you buy these? At the moment they are only available at online retailers and can be found at the following sites below:

Overall, I’m happy to see that Jasman Toys went ahead and made a two player set like this! It’s much easier for Halo collectors and laser tag nuts to pick it up at its $39.99 price point and would make an awesome gift for the holidays or birthdays! I have no complaints what so ever about the features that were taken out, because the gun still does what it’s suppose to do!

Overall rating: 5 out of 5!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bionic Commando: Rearmed Review (XBLA)

bioniccommando_2_2Bionic Commando for the original NES remains one of my all time favorite games, so you can imagine my excitement when they announced a next gen version. Then they got me even more excited when they followed that announcement up with news of a 3D/2D remake. Bionic Commando: Rearmed is simply one of the best games you can pick up on Xbox Live Arcade and The Playstation Network. It takes every great detail of the original and makes it work in today's gaming generation.


Each and every level has been remade in high res graphics and a thumping electronic remix of the original songs. Updated game play mechanics have been added where they make sense, like being able to bring all your weapons with you on each map; opposed to just one like the original game forced you to have. The bosses of the original game where not one of the game's strong points, but the team who put together Rearmed has made awesome, intricate battles that change depending on what difficulty level you put them on. If there is only one gigantic change of the game, it is the last level. It is completely new to the original game and its also quite long. Not to mention frustrating! By the time I finished the last stage, I probably spent a good two hours total learning every part of it to make the most out of my lives. Even then, I spent another 5 lives on the last boss and just managed to finish him of with one remaining. As frustrating as it was though, beating it gives you a massive sense of accomplishment and unlocks Super Hard mode.

Another cool feature that GRIN (The team who remade the game.) put in was offline two-player co-op and 4 player offline deathmatch. Each element adds lots of hours to the game play and wraps up this awesome remake package into one great game.

For those of you who have played the original, buy it! Its worth it. To those of you who haven't, try the demo and experience the awesomeness! You won't be disappointed either way.


5 out of 5.