Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bionic Commando OST review.

BCR-soundtrack-coverBionic Commando: Reloaded is due out sometime this year on Xbox Live Arcade with much anticipation, in fact I'd say this game has more demand going for it then the current next-gen remake of it that is also due out this year.

For those of you who never played or are too young to remember it, Bionic Commando debuted on the NES system in 1988 and featured many original game mechanics, not to mention kick butt graphics, sound and one hell of  a final boss. (Hitler!) As a young child, I often use to revisit many of the levels because I was absolutely enthralled with the game soundtrack, mostly due to its very melodic tunes that were only rivaled back then by Castlevania. Needless to say, when the new trailer debuted for Bionic Commando with some remixed and revamped music of the original, I felt like I was 5 again. When the announcement came that an official OST (Original Sound Track) was being released, I contacted Capcom with the request to listen and review it and they were happy to oblige.

Composed by Simon Viklund, This revamped soundtrack takes all of the tracks of the original and throws in an excellent electronic music twist to it. Some of the tunes retain that classic blip and blop of the original, but they are intertwined with modern synth patches making it sound just as fresh as they were back in 1988. Electronic music has many, many sub-genres so if I were to compare it with other artists it would be a mix of Unleaded Logic, Crystal Method and Mind.In.A.Box. This is exactly how I would of approached doing a remake of this game's soundtrack. Overall, this makes for a rewarding audio experience that can be enjoyed even if your not playing the game. My favorite tracks are "Heat Wave", "Leap of Faith" and "Intruder."

Overall, if your looking to hear some Bionic Commando in full "Reloaded" glory, go and pick this soundtrack! You can currently pick it up on Itunes and you can preview the entire songs here:

While your at it, you should check out some Unleaded Logic music too! Shameless self promotion indeed, ha!

Track listing:

1. "Bionic Commando Rearmed (Main Theme)" 3:32
2. "Heat Wave" 3:50
3. "Power Plant" 3:38
4. "Leap of Faith" 2:42
5. "Rise of the Albatross" 4:59
6. "BCR Menu Theme" 3:22
7. "Prologue & Epilogue" 3:02
8. "OK, We'll Move" 2:29
9. "Meet the Enemy and Descend" 2:00
10. "Killt's Hidden Treasures" 2:30
11. "Amongst Allies" 1:20
12. "Intruder Alert" 3:28
13. "Suzuki's Heroes" 2:00
14. "One Man, One Bionic Arm" 1:40
15. "Go Go Bionic" 0:18

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.