Thursday, June 26, 2008

Portal Earrings

"But these are pretty cool, right? It's an eBay store called The Clay Collection that features these hand-crafted, penny-sized earrings of geek paraphernalia - there are the tiny Companion Cubes I would have made had I only the fine motor skill, there are tiny Nintendo light guns and Bloopers that look absolutely fantastic, too, as well as other non-game related memetics like fast food and Mystery Science Theater."

Wow, if I was a girl I would wear these every day of my life. Check out the other earrings at the website, they all seem to be very well done. Chalk up another post about Portal for me! Wooo! Its gotta be at least 10. ;)

P.S. Sorry I have been gone. I went to the Florida Keys and Miami, pretty nice stuff down there.


Source: Kotaku

Guitar Hero Controller Coffin Cases

My friend Ciji aka StarSlay3r gave me a heads up about these sweet Guitar Hero controller coffin cases. Pretty unique idea if you ask me. I have one of the official GH2 backs which easily holds 2 controllers and a few games. These are even more stylish then the official thing. Visit the official website at .

Ace Combat Edge Flight Sticks

Cool 360 controllers I found on eBay, they are for Ace Combat 6. I looked them up and found them on If you buy the package it comes with a faceplate. The package retails for $150, but if you buy just the controllers off eBay the starting bid is at $50.


Halo 3 Custom Mousepads

Are you a fan of Halo 3 and collect mousepads on your spare time? Well I have a combo that you just might like!




Halo 3 McFarlane Cortana Light-Up Figure

I found this figure on eBay. It's just a display figure that stands on a base, but it lights up! It has some cool detail to it and the base goes with the figure, it's not just a piece of plastic. You can bid for it but batteries are not included, oh and if you buy it you will be the first to light this baby up!


Gears of War Marcus Fenix action figure from NECA.

A review of the Gears of War Marcus Fenix action figure from NECA.

I know my video reviews are usually better quality with music, graphical overlaps and better sound quality, but I shot it while having a 101.4 fever and was really in no mood or condition to to some major fixing in post production.

Sorry folks, next time I'll have a cleaner presentation.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Woodgrain OEM Xbox 360 Faceplate

Ever wondered what your 360 would look like if Mitchell Bentley designed it? (Mitchell Bentley made wood bodied station wagons) Then look no further!

This faceplate is being sold on eBay. I personally love the look of it. It would match perfectly if i still owned my wood framed television.

Introducing Emily!

Obviously my name is Emily, i'm a senior in high school and i have been gaming since i was 4 years old. I currently own an xbox 360 and am hoping to get a psp soon, along with a lot of other things. When i get to college i believe i am going to get a major in computer technology and a minor in media. I do the morning announcements at my school, and it has helped me with speaking infront of a lot of people. The show is not only shown throughout the whole school but is also sent out to all the televisions in my city. After embarrassing myself a few times, i have found it to be very interesting and fun. I love to anchor on the show now and am looking forward to next year, and am also hoping to get a job in hosting for G4 TV.

There is a lot more but i'll leave that to the book i will write when i am famous. just kidding.