Friday, May 30, 2008

Jasman Toys Halo Plasma Sword is not coming to earth (Canceled)


Take a nice, long look at this picture folks and cry. Those wanting to wield the sword of the mighty Elite this year will never get the chance to, as Jasman Toys has just let me know that the final product will never see the light of day; for now it least. Ultimately the down fall of this toy lead to liability issues that the points of the sword contained. While most likely the large amount of people who would pick this up would be it least 16+ there is still a large amount of children who could pick the sword up and put someone's eye out with it. My nephew would be a good example of this as he already threatens most of our sensitive body parts with his non blunt toys.

This would mean that Jasman Toys would have to make modifications to the weapon and thus not making it an actual replica sword. I certainly wouldn't want circular ends to the sword, because it wouldn't look like the actual plasma sword.

Also, Jasman Toys mentioned that by the time all the kinks would be worked out on the sword, their contract to make Halo toys would be expired. No point in trying to pitch a product you don't have the rights to sell anymore and what happens if they don't want to re-sign you? Wasted money on the part of the company.

In the end, its extremely sad that this plasma sword will never see the light of day; but it sounds like Jasman Toys is making the right decision for itself and for Halo fans to not release a product they didn't feel was great and matched the scope of the game.

You heard it here first folks!

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News from Jasman Toys on the mass market plasma pistols

Jasman Toys, makers of the full size Halo 3 weapons sent me a message to update me on the  cheaper set of plasma pistols that they spoke to me about a few months ago. These will not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive ones, but will still allow for proper laser tag use.



"Stay Tuned for an update on our mass market Plasma Pistol Set. There will be 2 guns in the set for around $40. Granted it won't have ALL the cool extras but will still light up and make the weapon's sounds so you can effectively still play laser tag! Also included will be 2 shields(normal grey targets). It will be scaled down a tad but not very noticeable. It will be available online only at major retailers in the US and in stock everywhere in Austrailia.

More updates on retailers soon to come!"

I'm still trying to get information from them about the Plasma Sword which was suppose to be released this spring, I'm hoping for some info on that in the next few days.


You'll notice a new look to McFarlane Toys' Halo 3. Series 2 figures feature new blister card packaging, designed with retailers and collectors in mind. The streamlined packaging is made to reveal more of the figure inside, while providing more information in a smaller overall footprint. That translates to more figures per store peg. Honestly, I liked the Clamshell boxes as they seem easier to maintain, but that's just me. Photos below...

halo3multi2_cqb-red_packaging_01_dp  halo3camp2_odst_packaging_01_dp halo3camp2_arbiter_packaging_01_dp halo3multi2_mark6-gold_packaging_01_dp halo3multi2_eva-white_packaging_01_dp

Kill Niko in GTA IV win $200 in video games !

Hey gamers, for those of you who enjoy Grand Theft Auto 4 with its amazing graphics and physics here is a chance for you to show the world your most entertaining Niko Bellic death scene.

The funniest video will win a £100 / $200 worth of games. You can film your screen with a camera phone, a camcorder or well generally anything that captures motion! Put your nickname in the video, so we know it's you.

Click here to enter the contest.

Prize: $200 / £100 worth of games.

Prize details: Join the brag, upload your video evidence and if you're the funniest - enjoy your prize!

Ends on: 21 Jun 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What does a collector's room look like?

I've received a few emails recently asking me what/where/how do I display all my collectable's and I thought since one of my camera's has a awesome feature to link multiple images together, I'd show you.


This is actually my studio where I produce my music (Limelight Studios) and its got plenty of room to get a few people in for recording music sessions and displaying collectable's. Back when I first started my music career, I was stuck in a cold, dark basement in my parents house when I started making music. Once I ventured out on my own and got my own place I was eager to get my studio set up in place where I could see sunlight as well as moonlight and would have plenty of wall space to make the walls fun to look at while you made music.


Since I wrapped up my most recent album, I put most of the synths, microphones and rack mount gear away in the basement till I begin my next major project, this also allows me to take a look at my collectibles and see what needs to be swapped in and swapped out from my basement storage.

What does your collection room look like? Visit us at the forums and let us know!

GTAIV Faceplate.

I don't buy faceplates as much as I use to simply because I really haven't seen any that have met my visual approval. That recently changed when I spotted a GTAIV Faceplate!

 gtauc 001

The faceplate itself is cool though if you look at it closely it does seem slightly pixilated, nothing that will bother you while the system is on your TV stand though.

You can only find this collectable through eBay at the moment as it was only given out at launch events for the game.