Monday, April 28, 2008

12-inch Master Chief and Legendary Collection in Stores Fall 2008


The ultimate soldier, MASTER CHIEF leads the charge against the combined threat of the vast alien armies of the Covenant and the all-consuming hunger of the parasitic life form known as the Flood. It is up to the Master Chief and his allies to save humanity from destruction, one battle at a time.


Now, with this 12-inch action figure from McFarlane Toys, you can help Master Chief finish the fight, once and for all.


Arriving in stores in September, the 12-inch Master Chief comes with assault rifle and grenade, and will be fully poseable, with 18 points of articulation and 26 moving parts.
A 12-inch Blue Spartan MARK VI will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart, also releasing in September.


The Legendary Collection is comprised of highly detailed, non-articulated, large-scale figures. Accurate down to the smallest detail, the Legendary figures are posed to re-create the look of in-game play. This line will be available in specialty stores only.

halo3legendary_masterchief_photo_01_dp halo3legendary_arbiter_photo_01_dl halo3legendary_brutechieftan_photo_01_dp

Great! More awesome Halo 3 toys from McFarlane!