Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Avid X from is in COD4.

Avid and I were recently playing a one on one game of COD4 when he mentioned that he saw a reflection of his actual self in a computer monitor in the new China Town Map. I thought he was just trying to get a knife kill on me, but when I looked at what he was looking at it was true. Check the video out!

Remember that Clear Spartan you pre-ordered? Pre-order it again!

Back in December 2007, had offered a Active Camouflage Spartan for pre-order and the only thing you had to do was log on to the site and put in your email/address information to get on the list to pre-order it. After months and months went by I was starting to wonder when the thing would actually be up for pre-order. Then when McFarlane Toys put out word that a CQB Spartan would be getting released at the SD Comic Con; my worry increased even more! The good news is that the EVA AC Spartan is still coming out, just not any time in the near future, see the email I received below from

Thank you for your registration for the Halo EVA Active Camouflage exclusive by McFarlane Toys.

This email confirms we receive your original registration back in December 2007 for the Halo Active Camouflage Spartan Exclusive at the Spawn Store (   Unfortunately, the figure has been delayed and will be released November 2008.

We are in the process of creating a brand new pre-order site to make things even easier for our customers.  Previously when you registered, you entered your name and email address but there was no guarantee of how many you could buy or that the figure would be available when you return.  We have now updated the system to let you pick the exact number you wish to buy and eliminates any concerns of any customer loosing out on the exclusive as you would be guaranteed the amount you enter for your order!* 

This is the true benefit of a pre order!

This change to our pre order site will require you to register again for the Halo exclusive but this time choosing the quantity you would like to buy.  We will have additional information on regarding the release of the new pre-order site and the exact dates to place an order.

We appreciate your patience and understanding to the delay and we hope you enjoy the new pre-order site for our upcoming  releases.  Be on the lookout for more preorder opportunities in 2008 and thank you for choosing McFarlane Toys.


Exclusive Preorders

McFarlane Toys Online Spawn Store / http://store.spawn.

* Ordering limits still apply for some exclusives.


Gee, maybe by the time this figure is out, I'll be able to use my Halo Points from the figures for something.....thanks Todd!