Friday, March 21, 2008

Limited GTA 4 Xbox 360s are SICK!

"Microsoft is doing its best to ensure that everyone and their bloggin' grandmother knows that Grand Theft Auto IV is shipping day and date with its PlayStation 3 counterpart. One of the ways they're doing that is through a limited production of GTA IV-branded Xbox 360 Elites, which Complex writes it recently received. No, you can't buy them in stores, but I'm sure one money hungry recipient will put his or her Xbox 360, with the matching metal briefcase, up on eBay soon. Keep your eye peeled, collectors."
Wow. Those are seriously sick. I would kill for one of those. Really, if I know you and you get one of these, you better watch your back.....
Source: Kotaku

Portal's Companion Cube Gets Teleported To Toronto

"You may remember Posterchild's previous video game to real world work, when the artist started throwing up Super Mario Bros.-style question blocks made of cardboard and wrapping paper that dangled from tree limbs and light posts. Posterchild has taken another iconic video game block, the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal and installed it (with matching portal) on Bloor Street in Toronto. There are much bigger and much better pics of this fantastically super awesomeness at Posterchild's own blog, if you're not in the area to eyeball them yourself."

Man, you cant go wrong with the Weighted Companion Cube. I think I have posted more stories about the Companion Cube than anyone else in the world, yet I dont feel satisfied. Give me Companion Cube or give me death!


Source: Kotaku

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beta test Battlefield: Bad Company for Xbox 360.

Would be Beta testers will want to head over to to sign for a beta key for the brand new Battlefield game. I just signed up for mine and received my key!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Best Buy Offers Gift Cards for HD-DVD Players

"Are you one of the unfortunates stuck with a now useless HD-DVD player? Did you purchase it at Best Buy before February 23rd? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you can return that old door stop to Best Buy and get a $50 gift card in return. According to CNN it is estimated that upwards of $10 million in US Gift cards. HD-DVD owners will be found through Best Buy's Reward Zone program, service plans and online orders. The gift cards will automatically be mailed out to qualifying folks at the beginning of may. If you are not a Reward Zone member you can bring in your BB receipt or credit card info. They will also be offering an online trade-in center where customers can unload their unwanted players beginning March 21."

At least Best Buy is being nice to those poor folks (my brother included) but that doesnt mean you should rush out and do that. There are still some pretty good HD DVD exclusive movies.


Source: Kotaku

New Halo 3 Map: Avalanche

One of the four new maps from the brand new Legendary map pack due out on April 15th is Avalanche, a remake of one of my favorite maps from the original Halo, Sidewinder. Glad to see that Bungie is going back to the first game for some more maps!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EE Announces Exclusive Halo Action Figure

Entertainment Earth ( and McFarlane Toys ( have joined forces to produce an exclusive action figure from developer Bungie's mega-popular Halo franchise. Based on designs seen in the video game Halo 3 for the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform, this 6-inch scale yellow ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) is fully articulated and features authentic accessories straight from the best-selling game.
"Action figures and collectibles from the Halo video game series have been extremely popular for us over the past few years," says Jason Labowitz, President of Entertainment Earth. "So, when we saw McFarlane Toys' expert take on the license, we knew that we had to offer a figure that won't be available anywhere else."
Based on one of the playable personae from the game's much-beloved multiplayer mode, this figure allows fans to pull one of the characters from inside the game and place it right on their desks. Not only is this collectible a highly detailed replica, but McFarlane Toys engineered it so that several points of articulation are present… without compromising the statuesque appearance. Carrying his trusty battle rifle with sniper scope, the limited edition ODST is expected to start shipping to fans all over the world in the fall of 2008.
This special release will not be available at any big-box stores. It will be sold only through Entertainment Earth's retail catalog and website ( Wholesale inquiries may be made at EE Distribution (

I think it looks pretty cool. Halo action figured are always cool, arent they?


Source: Teamxbox

Halo 3 Action figure question answered.

I keep getting asked if any of the Halo 3 figures fit in the vehicles at all and unfortunately; they don't. Check out the picture below to see a scale comparison of the figures and the Ghost.