Saturday, March 15, 2008

Video Review: Halo 3 Action figures.

Check out the newest episode of the Xbox Collector! This episode I review the brand new Halo 3 toys and vehicles.

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Burnout Paradise DLC to be Free

"Not so long ago, Criterion promised that some of their DLC for Burnout Paradise would be free. It was good news, but who really knew if we'd get any of the decent stuff without paying for it? On the Criterion message boards, creative director Alex Ward revealed that a new map expansion including multiple islands of city expansion will be free for everyone.

So does this means that all new Burnout Paradise maps will come free so that all users can partake in the multiplayer? No, but it's a good sign that Criterion may focus their paid DLC on individual items like cars rather than collectively shared add-ons like maps. We'll see how this unfolds, but so far, so good"

Sounds great. Paradise is a great game and I considered buying it but got Army of Two instead. Any free DLC is great.


Source: Kotaku

360 Remains Blu-Rayless

"While there was some speculation of the Xbox 360 supporting the Blu-ray HD format, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has put that idea to rest. He says that Microsoft is not currently in talks with Sony about integrating Blu-ray into the system. Nor are there any SKUs for Xbox 360s with Blu-ray in the works. So there you have it. From Greenberg's mouth to our ears, there's no Blu-ray in the future of the Xbox 360."

When is Microsoft going to realize it needs blu-ray to compete with the PS3? Do they not notice that the PS3 is selling better now?


Source: Kotaku

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Halo Uprising #3-4

Halo Uprising, the comic series that bridges the gap between Halo 2 and Halo 3 will be finishing up its 4 issue mini series by (Hopefully) the end of April. Issue 3 is currently due out March 26, 2008 and the forth and final issue is due out April 9, 2008. This series was only suppose to run from September to October, so what happened?

1470new_storyimage8229272_full Halo hp3 0.395106001185489051image_big


Halo Uprising Issue #1 launched with incredible results. It pretty much flew off the shelves at comic stores with copies only remaining at stores that are not known for its regular comic sales, like Hot Topic. The artwork was cool and storyline wise really seemed to focus on the destruction of Earth and the humans being held hostage by the Covenant race. More people picked up the comic and soon it was completely sold out and a second print run of the first issue was ordered. This time with a slightly changed front cover and shortly after the second issue launched, but this time with poor results.

The second issue changed from a story of survival to a cheesy love story between two people who wouldn't have met under normal circumstances but because of the Covenant attack they are forced to depend on each other. This love focus really takes away from the overall story and makes it seem as if the destruction isn't important because these two characters need to get into each others pants. Sure, the Master Chief plays a role in  a few pages, but he is extremely secondary compared to everything else. I finished issue two with disappointment, hoping #3 and #4 would end on a far better note, but then the odd delays kept coming.

#3 Was scheduled for November and pushed back December,then January. Pushed again for February and now its "Scheduled" to be out in March. Could the poor reception of issue two have caused a rewrite and refocus for the story for the last two issues? Who knows, it least it hasn't been canceled.

If you haven't picked up the first issue, you can still hunt it down on eBay.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Small Soldiers Hit The Shelves

They're here! The Gears of War action figures will be on shelves this spring! NECA Toys has just finished their first line. It's very rare that I see figurines with this much detail. While skimming through OXM's latest issue (April 2008 issue pg. 11), my eyes were glued to the two page section of the Gears action figures.

Blood stained lancer, double barrel shotgun, and even Carmine's eyes show through his detailed helmet. These gears (and locust both drone and sniper class) are equipped with side arms, a primary weapon, and their basic armor (with tons of shininess and scrapes and cuts which will make you never want to take your eyes off of your collection).
"We sculpt everything traditionally by hand. No digital outputs or computer scans." - NECA's Randy Falk
You can look for these incredible figures in late spring (April says NECA Toys).

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Bungie interviews Todd McFarlane

BNET_MC_detailA nice interview about the Halo 3 Toys is now posted on In the article Bungie asks Todd if they have any Recon Armor action figures in the works:


Q: Any plans to make a “Recon” armor Spartan in the future?

TM: I was told by some of my employees to let you know that “you can has Recon” when you give “us” Recon. I’m guessing then, that they would prefer if I didn’t tell you that we already have it in the works, but I’m going to anyway... We already have Recon in the works (but it may not be easy to get).

Could this be what the Halo Points you can rack by buying the figures will be used for? So far the details have been mum, but it makes a lot of sense and would be a cool reward for people who have been picking up the figures.

Read the full interview here:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mass Effect DLC Review: Bring Down the Sky

mass-effect-boxart The new Mass Effect content is out bringing us a brand new mission to a already huge game, does this new content deliver or does it "Bring down" the excitement of any future content being released?

The “Bring Down the Sky” downloadable content pack for Mass Effect is available now on Xbox Live for 400 MS points. “Bring Down the Sky” contains approximately 90 minutes of heart-pounding action and a new Achievement worth 50 Gamerscore points.

“Bring Down the Sky” includes a new uncharted world that introduces the notorious and feared alien race of the Batarians. A Batarian extremist group has hijacked a mobile asteroid station in the Asgard system, setting it on a collision course with the nearby colony world of Terra Nova. Only Commander Shepard can save the millions of innocent civilians before the asteroid completes its deadly descent.

As excited as I was about more content being released for Mass Effect, I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical. For 400 points was this just going to be another uncharted world with some small text instructions like so many of the uncharted world missions in the game? Or was Bioware going to go all out and add some new cut scenes, characters and dialog that would do a more visual presentation of adding to the already cool universe of Mass Effect. Good news folks, Bioware choose to expand its game on a more visual note.

To access the new content, you simply go to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download the new content. After its downloaded it will install automatically next time you boot up Mass Effect, there are a few steps needed to be done to access the new content though. From your galaxy map on your ship you have to choose a new location on your map called Asteroid XXX and you'll launch off to the area where the asteroid is located. When you enter the galaxy location you are treated to a new cut scene with a distress signal from a women crying out for help, she reveals that something bad is going down on this asteroid and that the fate of a nearby planet is jeopardy if you don't stop the enemy from slamming the asteroid head on with the planet.

I won't get into plot spoilers, but on your way through this mission you'll meet a new alien race, brand new characters, plot sequences and plenty of action, all with new cut scenes and dialog. This goes far beyond your typical uncharted world mission and you'll even get to make more paragon/renegade decisions that will completely effect the outcome of the extra mission. My only hint is to make sure that you keep your item slots open at the end of the mission, as you'll get to receive something very cool at the end.

My one and only gripe about the content is the way it has to be accessed. The last time I played Mass Effect I just completed my second play though and in order to access the new content I had to play through Eden Prime and the beginning of the Citadel all over again. It would of been neat if Bioware would of thrown in a option on the main menu that allowed you to enter a DLC content only galaxy and to speed things up you could import your current character. Thankfully, if more content is released I have a save that will take me right back to my ship and to new content when its released.

While I wouldn't say that this has 90 minutes of game play (More like an hour.) I will say that its completely worth the pick up if your a fan of the Mass Effect game and for the 400 points you even get an extra achievement.

If it wasn't for the way you had to access the content this would be a perfect 5, but a 4.5 out of 5 will work just as well. Pick it up!

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Halo 3 Toy Teaser Video

Full review coming soon!