Thursday, February 28, 2008

Custom Knuckles Faceplate

Knuckles Dawson thanks Spaceghost_2k for designing him a Knuckles faceplate. Cool stuff.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exclusive news from Jasman Toys on Halo 3 guns.

Jasman Toys recently got in touch with me today, thanking me for the recent reviews that myself and the rest of the crew have done over the past few months. Following the feedback, they informed me of some awesome news that may appeal to those who thought the current models were a little expensive.

"Keep an eye out for our Mass Marketed Plasma Pistols. Set of two for about $40. We are trying to get it placed at WalMart. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the high end version, but it will still light up and sound and play laser tag. Cross your fingers that WalMart picks it up in time for Halo Wars!!!"

This is awesome news! If you remember our Plasma Pistol review, Rick pointed out that it would cost you over a hundred dollars to get a set of pistols to play with a friend or two. Now for about 40 bucks (Roughly twenty a gun.) you can proceed to blast your friends Halo style for a cheaper price! Will the older guns be compatible? I'm sure they will be. Stay tuned for more news as we get it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Xbox 360 Cute Anime Stuffed Plushie!

Check out this custom plush Xbox 360. Very nice job indeed.
Stop by the artists deviant page to learn more.

Halo 3 figures arrive at my door.

Mr. UPS man dropped off two boxes at my snowy doorstep today both of them containing a decent amount of Halo 3 figures. So far, there pretty cool! Expect a few review on this week's Xbox Collector Dot Com Video! If you haven't watched the first edition yet, check it out here!

halo3figs 004

halo3figs 002

Monday, February 25, 2008

How to paint your Xbox 360 controller.

Fans of customizations look no further, this video will teach you how to custom paint your Xbox 360 wireless controller.

Exploding Head Figure for Gears of War

"Sure, we post our share of risky toys, but here's something slightly different. Something without plastic jubblies. Something totally grody. Something like this Gears of War Locust with its head being blown into iddy-bitty pieces. As we previously hinted at, this was spotted at the US Toy Fair. Close-up after the jump, complete with plastic blood squirtage."

I love the attention to detail in this figure. The gun and armor look great but the very best part is the chuck of meat at the very top. It puts this from awesome, to freaking sweet.


Source: Kotaku

Paper Portal Turret!

"In more Portal news, paper Portal turrets FTW! A resurgence of Portal mania has come upon this blogger/writer and what better way to celebrate this by making a paper Portal turret. I hated these damn things in the game, so why not make one out of paper only to someday crush it for sh*ts and giggles. By way of Deviant Art, this creation was devised by billybob884. The download page (in PDF form) for this is located here if you would like to partake in such a thing. Besides, isn’t it about time the companion cube gets to rest for a second out of the limelight?
[Via Paperkraft]"

Im not a big fan of paper (and paper related items) but I can't get enough Portal related things. And I think this looks pretty cool.


Source: The Xbox Domain

The Xbox Collector Video review: Devil May Cry Dante action figure.

Hey folks, I'm proud to present one of the first video reviews for the Xbox Collector! On this video I cover the Revoltech Dante action figure from the game Devil May Cry

Sunday, February 24, 2008

N+ Review (Xbox Live Arcade)

If there is one sure fire fact in the world its that Ninjas are the coolest thing since sliced bread, especially if its bread sliced by a ninja. Recently, we've seen many forms of the Ninja from the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ninja Gaidan, Dead or Alive and even the likes of Shinobi a few years ago; but now there is a new ninja contender and its available for the Xbox Live Arcade. The story of the game is simple, your a ninja and when your not busy flipping out and killing people your searching for gold and thus we bring you the premise for N+. N+ presents the gold for the ninja but the only problem is that the gold is being guarded by every possible element of death and you have a limited time to cash in and escape from tons of rooms of doom.

The game play is very easy to pick up and mashes together a variety of games for a cool result. Take the classic wall grabbing/jumping characteristic from the original Nintendo Ninja Gaidan, add a dash of speed from Sonic the Hedgehog; finish it off with a pinch of traps that could be taken out of Portal and your presented with a pretty cool atmosphere. Being placed in a stage your object is to grab the gold while trying to not get yourself killed and activate the gate switch that will allow you to take off with all your gold. The graphics in this game were not designed to blow your mind, but  rather the play mechanics; Physics and momentum play a huge part in the excitement in the game. In terms of playtime you have almost 300 stages to complete and if that isn't enough, you can also design your own stages and share them with friends.

While the single player is very good, its the multiplayer modes I really enjoyed. Multiplayer is available in three flavors: Co-op, Race and Survival. Co-op is your standard co-op adventure, while Race and Survival pit you in a 2-4 war against other ninjas. For myself, I got the most enjoyment out of Race mode, constantly on the move and doing my best to get ahead of the other players and reach the exit first. It sounds simple but its truly a fun experience. Survival mode has no exits and the object of this mode is to be the last ninja standing. Getting taken out by enemy robots will reduce your lifeline but grabbing gold will restore it causing fast and frantic panic when all the gold is taken and it slowly respawns back.

The music and audio effects in the game are well done, especially when your blasted to pieces by enemies and the music has a nice electronic breakbeat vibe going to it, but the tracks are limited and can lead to them getting old quickly.That being said the audio environment gives you a good sense of the game's atmosphere when the graphics can not.

I have to admit, when I first saw the previews for N+ I was not impressed, the game seemed like it didn't have much going for it and lacked excitement to me. Simply put: I was wrong, this game is a lot of fun and contains enough modes to keep people interested for along time. Once you get into the quick learning curve of the game, you'll be running, jumping and wall climbing to victory. For those of you who are still not convinced, take 10 minutes and try out the demo, you might be impressed just like me.

Overall I give N+ four ninja sidekicks out of 5 ninja sidekicks

Ninja Out!

This review was made possible by

Unleaded Logic

Gears of War Action Figures

With the huge success of the Halo figurines, Cliffy Bleszinski (lead designer of Gears of War) has always dreamt of seeing a line of Gears of War action figures on the shelves. Well Cliffy, you're in luck.

It is said that Gears figurines are being made as I write.
Epic Games' Mark Rein has confirmed that the GoW figures are in the works. When will they come out for sale? Not sure. But when this collection does come out for sale, I'm definitely getting myself the collection.

And before I leave, since we're on the subject of Gears, you can look forward to its sequel on November 15, 2008. It's a must get.

- Sarah ll echo419 ll

Castle Crashers is the hotness !

Get ready to burn some cash gamers, I already have. Castle Crashers is coming to the Xbox LIVE Arcade this summer, yet they already have a variety of swag out to pick up in the Behemoth store.

Shirt I purchased. (Below)

Another sweet shirt, pretty sure this one is limited.

.. or you could say screw the shirts and make a costume!

New game screenshots from GDC 2008.

Image Sources:

The Astro A40 Audio System

If you're wealthy and looking for top notch sound for gaming, movies, or whatever else on your PC, you could always check out the Astro A40. This headset is great for those who want to drown out any distracting noises when owning n00bs or enjoying a movie.It can provide some fine quality 5.1 surround sound.

However, it's said in Game Informer's latest issue (pg. 38) that it also comes with tons of cords which may leave you clueless on how and where to hook them all up.

Are they worth the money? If you're rich and want to spend your money on something that is of good quality and some-what convenient, sure. Go for it. But as for the average person, don't waste your money on this. Sure it's nice and has great sound, but surround sound speakers are nicer. I'd suggest buying that instead.

I suppose if you're living with an extremely loud/annoying family or roommates, then maybe you'll want to pick this up.They cost $249.99
If you want to read up a little bit more on this pricey but very high quality headphones, go to

- Sarah ll echo419 ll