Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Asian Halo 3 Xbox 360 Bundle

"But that's OK, because that's not the point! This one's aimed at cashing in on Chinese new year's celebrations. The bundle includes a 20GB 360, a copy of Halo 3 and two wireless controllers, which is a nice touch. It'll set you back 669 Singaporean dollars (USD$440), which looks like a lot but is only S$20 more than the Christmas Viva Pinata/Forza bundle, a good deal since most buyers would probably prefer the second controller to the second - ie Viva Pinata - game. As for other Asian territories, it'll cost HK$3,199 in Hong Kong and NT$13,680 in Taiwan. Guey Hay Fat Choy!"

Which holiday would it do better in; Christmas or the Chinese new year? Does anyone else find it funny that they used the render from the first Halo 3 screenshot on the box?


Source: Kotaku

Lost Odyssey.....Hamburger?

"We love burgers — especially MOS burgers. They are truly tasty burgers! Over in Hong Kong, gamers who purchase Lost Odyssey at Toys 'R Us can take the receipt to their local MOS and get a free gift. Microsoft has teamed up with the Japanese burger joint for Lost Odyssey meals — something they didn't even do in Japan! Mmmm. Kaim burgers."

Wow. Maybe this will finally stimulate sales in China? Probably not judging on how gross that burger looks.


Source: Kotaku

Rock Bands Stage Kit: First Look

"Pre-order boxes for Rock Band's Stage Kit have begun turning up, giving us our first look at the all-in-one device. It appears...functional, albeit a little strange, since it looks less like something designed to aid in rocking and more like something that fell out of a Ghostbusters/HG Wells collaboration, and is now hell-bent on mankind's ultimate destruction. If you're willing to risk the future of our species - and pay $99 - for smoke and purple lighting while you play a videogame, that decision is yours and yours alone to make"

This is crazy. They might as well throw a couple hundred screaming fans and a stage in for the complete Rock Band experience.


Source: Kotaku

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player Drops in Price

"In case you're still holding out hope that somehow, someway HD DVD will make a last minute comeback and triumph over blu-ray as the high definition DVD format of choice, then has Microsoft got the deal for you. Effective today, the MSRP of the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on is dropping from $179.99 USD to $129.99. The price drop effects the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As Microsoft's Larry Hryb points out, once you figure in Microsoft's ongoing five free HD DVD movie offer, which is still in effect until the end of this month, they you've got one hell of a good time to get in on the Betamax of the 21st century!"

Its a good price drop but it won't do anything to help HD-DVDs. Luckly, I have both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray so unless a third party cleans out both of them I will be good to go.


Source: Kotaku

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 review.

200360b Due to a huge winter storm and my inability to actually get to work today, the weekend rental comes early and its time to review Devil May Cry 4.

DMC4 starts between the end of DMC1 and DMC2 and introduces you to a new main character "Nero". Dante is also playable in the game but not in till a few missions later on in the game. Many reviews have discounted Nero as a whiny brat, but he actually delivers just as much class and wise cracks as Dante can; so while he's no Dante he can easily hold his own as a awesome character.

The storyline in this game is absolutely phenomenal and the cut scenes from the very beginning will knock your socks off, there is rarely a moment in the game when you want to skip the cut scene because there so action packed and entertaining. Nero is on a hunt for revenge against "The Man In Red" who kills one of the highest members of his holy order. On the way we the gamers are treated to betrayal, new allies and a awesome finish that will leave you wanting more.

Graphically, this game is so smooth and sharp that you tend to forget how much of an accomplishment it is that Capcom achieved to get this game running so smoothly. Sure there are games that look better then it, but they don't nearly run as fast and consistent as DMC4 does.

The sound presentation is a mixed bag, the sound effects are absolutely awesome with the Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and deliver a very well rounded mix; but the battle music gets very repetitive after awhile. DMC4 may be one of those games that you want to throw a custom soundtrack on.

Controlling the game is easy enough and attacks are easy to pull off, but if you've played the DMC series before you'll know that there are some advanced attacks that you can pull off that will do incredible damage. There's nothing quite like picking up a enemy and smashing him on walls and other enemies. Those giant boss monsters that you've seen in cut scenes? You can pick them up too and send them flying to their doom too and its epic when it happens.

Puzzles in the game can be mildly challenging but nothing to difficult that would frustrate the player, add some secret missions and extra play modes give the game a great amount of replay value. The bottom line: Devil May Cry 4 delivers on the next-gen platforms and even though the soundtrack can get a bit boring I give it a 5 out of 5.


Devil May Cry 4 Collectors Edition

photo 003

Devil May Cry 4 was officially released today and fans of the franchise may want to pick up the collector's edition if they are looking for that extra demon hunting fix.

The collection's edition includes two extra discs, one with the complete first four episodes of the Devil May Cry Anime series and another with a behind the scenes feature as well as downloadable music, screen saver and other PC content that will keep your PC in that devil killing mode.

Not an anime fan?  Then you may not want to pick this collector's edition up, but for those who are you really can't beat the cool metal case, the game and the anime in one box.


Devil May Cry Statues


In celebration of the release of Devil May Cry 4 for the Xbox 360, long time fans may want to pick something else along with the game to enjoy all the demon hunting fun. This March (Provided it won't be delayed.) Artfx releases some pretty highly detailed statues of characters from the series. Artfx also did the statue for Master Chief most recently.

I'm thinking about picking up the Dante one! You can pick these up from any popular toy site!


Monday, February 4, 2008

360 Elite Turned Into Halo 3 Laptop

"Heck (aka Bengamin J. Heckendorn) dazzles. He's got the uncanny ability to take things, and turn them into other things. Pretty things, at that! Last spring, he crafted an Xbox 360 into a laptop. Now, he's done the same with an Xbox 360 Elite. Nice trick, but we've seen it before. How about turning an Xbox 360 Elite into something else — like a stack of waffles? Official Site [Ben Heck via Engadget]"

Looks pretty cool to me. I like how he made it look battle worn. Now if he made a Bioshock one, would he make it inside a fish tank?


Source: Kotaku