Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Halo 3 Themed Gaming Chair

This could possibly be the coolest, most unnecessary thing to come out of CES this year: the Halo 3 themed gaming chair. As you can see its decked out in correct Halo style colors and it looks pretty comfortable.

"If you've found your gaming life with a void that a Halo 3-themed special edition Xbox 360, a Halo 3-themed wireless headset and Halo 3-themed wireless controllers by Todd McFarlane can't fill, perhaps this Halo 3-themed X Rocker gaming chair from Ace Bayou will make you whole again. It's on display at CES and will hopefully already be in stores by the time you read this (fingers crossed!). It's fortunately hooked up to an Xbox 360 that's playing Halo 3, so you'll know how well it performs under fire. We haven't gone ass-on with the new Pro Series line yet, but expect a gaming chair blowout later this week. Yes, a blowout."

If gaming chairs were actually worth the money they costs and if I didnt have my surround sound system then I might have acutally considered buying this. Either way, it will sell very well.


Source: Kotaku