Friday, August 8, 2008

Only One in the Universe

WETA has announced that it will be setting up some auctions for some one of kind sterling silver Halo statues. Currently an auction for the Master Chief and Grunts statue is up for auction and upon writing was at about $1600! Don't get me wrong, I love Halo but I'd never be to shell out that much money for something. I could pay off like 4 of my credit card accounts in full for that much!

I'll be waiting for the mass produced release of the Cortana Statue and hopefully that won't break the bank! See the whole press release below.

Go to Weta's eBay store for more details about the auctions

Nothing comes close to the feeling of owning something unique. One-of-a-kind. To know that nobody else in the Universe will ever have one like it.

Weta and Microsoft are giving you a rare opportunity to experience that feeling. We have taken our range of four Halo 3 Collectibles and plated them in sterling silver.

We have also gone one step further and cast certain parts of them in solid sterling silver. All to make these pieces truly unique.

As seen at San Diego Comic-Con 2008

Master Chief and Grunts - Auction Running Now! Click Here
Master Chief's hand and gun cast in solid sterling silver

- Master Chief and Arbiter - Auction Coming Soon
Master Chief's arm and rifle cast in solid sterling silver

- Master Chief and Flood - Auction Coming Soon
Master Chief's ands and guns cast in solid sterling silver

- Cortana - Auction Coming Soon
Cortana's computer chip cast in solid sterling silver

Check out the Weta website for images and more details around the auctions and to see all the cool stuff that Weta did on the Halo 3 trailers!

Good luck in the auctions!

From the team at Weta

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