Friday, August 15, 2008

Jasman Toys Halo 3 Plasma Pistol set arrives at my studio.

Today, Fedex dropped off a box containing some Plasma Pistols! These are apart of the new two player set that Jasman Toys is releasing in the next month or so! If you've watched my video reviews in the past then you know that I've reviewed the original Plasma Rifle and the Plasma Pistol to lots of positive feedback. This two player pack contains two stripped down versions of the original Plasma Pistol in order to cut down the cost and make it more within your price range to enjoy some Halo Laser Tag. While it doesn't contain the pop out features, recoil and LCD screen of the original version; it still delivers solid game play. Also, these slimmed down versions of the pistols are a bit more comfortable on the hands which would allow for children to handle the guns easily.

2playerplasma 001


I've only had some solo experience with them so far, but rest assured; a video review is forth coming! It will cover all the questions you have about the new set and how it interacts with the old sets! We received 4 guns and along with original two, we plan to demonstrate a 2 vs 2 vs 2 game in the video review.

2playerplasma 005 

Enjoy a couple of photos of the guns, along with some comparison photos of the original gun. We'll post a video review as soon as its done!

          2playerplasma 007

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