Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Halo Uprising #3 is out. No, really! (Review)

The day has finally come and the much delayed Halo Uprising comic series has finally been put back on track. Delayed after two issues due to a major plot change in Halo 3, the writers and artists were forced to make changes to the storyline that would make Uprising fit consistently with the third game. Many people were left with a bad taste in their mouths after reading issue #2;  the story seemed to fall away from the Master Chief and instead focus on the makeshift romantic relationship of two human survivors. This made the story very lackluster and didn't leave much hope for a story other than a romance novel for issue #3.


Either my head is foggy about the last issue or Benis and Maleev really brought their "A" game to issue #3, because it easily makes it the stand out issue of the series so far! I'd even say that it either matches or beats "Armor Testing' from the Halo Graphic Novel. Issue #3 brings it all: Mystery, suspense, great dialog and lots and lots of combat and blood! When you actually see a severed head of a Brute on top of a Warthog hood than you know that this issue is serious.

Overall, when I got to the end of this issue I was pumped to get the upcoming 4th issue.

Halo: Uprising is back...with a vengeance!

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