Sunday, August 3, 2008

Half Life Crossword

"Reader Aeon sent this in to help you pass away those weekend hours, and we thank him for it. Arts and crafts are one thing, but to sit down and create a crossword? One based on Half-Life? It tips the awesome scales at, well, awesome. It's short, but sweet, and Aeon says if it wets your whistle there'll be a bigger one to come. Oh, before attempting it, note that questions 8 & 11 require you, reader, having seen this and this."

Im a fan of Half Life 2 and both its episodes so far but I missed out on Half Life 1 so when I looked over the crossword there was a few that I couldnt figure out. Its a great test for your (Half Life) knowledge. Now bring on the Portal crossword. ;)


Source: Kotaku

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