Thursday, June 26, 2008

Portal Earrings

"But these are pretty cool, right? It's an eBay store called The Clay Collection that features these hand-crafted, penny-sized earrings of geek paraphernalia - there are the tiny Companion Cubes I would have made had I only the fine motor skill, there are tiny Nintendo light guns and Bloopers that look absolutely fantastic, too, as well as other non-game related memetics like fast food and Mystery Science Theater."

Wow, if I was a girl I would wear these every day of my life. Check out the other earrings at the website, they all seem to be very well done. Chalk up another post about Portal for me! Wooo! Its gotta be at least 10. ;)

P.S. Sorry I have been gone. I went to the Florida Keys and Miami, pretty nice stuff down there.


Source: Kotaku

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