Sunday, May 25, 2008

What does a collector's room look like?

I've received a few emails recently asking me what/where/how do I display all my collectable's and I thought since one of my camera's has a awesome feature to link multiple images together, I'd show you.


This is actually my studio where I produce my music (Limelight Studios) and its got plenty of room to get a few people in for recording music sessions and displaying collectable's. Back when I first started my music career, I was stuck in a cold, dark basement in my parents house when I started making music. Once I ventured out on my own and got my own place I was eager to get my studio set up in place where I could see sunlight as well as moonlight and would have plenty of wall space to make the walls fun to look at while you made music.


Since I wrapped up my most recent album, I put most of the synths, microphones and rack mount gear away in the basement till I begin my next major project, this also allows me to take a look at my collectibles and see what needs to be swapped in and swapped out from my basement storage.

What does your collection room look like? Visit us at the forums and let us know!

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