Friday, May 30, 2008

News from Jasman Toys on the mass market plasma pistols

Jasman Toys, makers of the full size Halo 3 weapons sent me a message to update me on the  cheaper set of plasma pistols that they spoke to me about a few months ago. These will not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive ones, but will still allow for proper laser tag use.



"Stay Tuned for an update on our mass market Plasma Pistol Set. There will be 2 guns in the set for around $40. Granted it won't have ALL the cool extras but will still light up and make the weapon's sounds so you can effectively still play laser tag! Also included will be 2 shields(normal grey targets). It will be scaled down a tad but not very noticeable. It will be available online only at major retailers in the US and in stock everywhere in Austrailia.

More updates on retailers soon to come!"

I'm still trying to get information from them about the Plasma Sword which was suppose to be released this spring, I'm hoping for some info on that in the next few days.

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