Friday, May 30, 2008

Jasman Toys Halo Plasma Sword is not coming to earth (Canceled)


Take a nice, long look at this picture folks and cry. Those wanting to wield the sword of the mighty Elite this year will never get the chance to, as Jasman Toys has just let me know that the final product will never see the light of day; for now it least. Ultimately the down fall of this toy lead to liability issues that the points of the sword contained. While most likely the large amount of people who would pick this up would be it least 16+ there is still a large amount of children who could pick the sword up and put someone's eye out with it. My nephew would be a good example of this as he already threatens most of our sensitive body parts with his non blunt toys.

This would mean that Jasman Toys would have to make modifications to the weapon and thus not making it an actual replica sword. I certainly wouldn't want circular ends to the sword, because it wouldn't look like the actual plasma sword.

Also, Jasman Toys mentioned that by the time all the kinks would be worked out on the sword, their contract to make Halo toys would be expired. No point in trying to pitch a product you don't have the rights to sell anymore and what happens if they don't want to re-sign you? Wasted money on the part of the company.

In the end, its extremely sad that this plasma sword will never see the light of day; but it sounds like Jasman Toys is making the right decision for itself and for Halo fans to not release a product they didn't feel was great and matched the scope of the game.

You heard it here first folks!

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