Friday, March 21, 2008

Portal's Companion Cube Gets Teleported To Toronto

"You may remember Posterchild's previous video game to real world work, when the artist started throwing up Super Mario Bros.-style question blocks made of cardboard and wrapping paper that dangled from tree limbs and light posts. Posterchild has taken another iconic video game block, the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal and installed it (with matching portal) on Bloor Street in Toronto. There are much bigger and much better pics of this fantastically super awesomeness at Posterchild's own blog, if you're not in the area to eyeball them yourself."

Man, you cant go wrong with the Weighted Companion Cube. I think I have posted more stories about the Companion Cube than anyone else in the world, yet I dont feel satisfied. Give me Companion Cube or give me death!


Source: Kotaku

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