Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Halo Uprising #3-4

Halo Uprising, the comic series that bridges the gap between Halo 2 and Halo 3 will be finishing up its 4 issue mini series by (Hopefully) the end of April. Issue 3 is currently due out March 26, 2008 and the forth and final issue is due out April 9, 2008. This series was only suppose to run from September to October, so what happened?

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Halo Uprising Issue #1 launched with incredible results. It pretty much flew off the shelves at comic stores with copies only remaining at stores that are not known for its regular comic sales, like Hot Topic. The artwork was cool and storyline wise really seemed to focus on the destruction of Earth and the humans being held hostage by the Covenant race. More people picked up the comic and soon it was completely sold out and a second print run of the first issue was ordered. This time with a slightly changed front cover and shortly after the second issue launched, but this time with poor results.

The second issue changed from a story of survival to a cheesy love story between two people who wouldn't have met under normal circumstances but because of the Covenant attack they are forced to depend on each other. This love focus really takes away from the overall story and makes it seem as if the destruction isn't important because these two characters need to get into each others pants. Sure, the Master Chief plays a role in  a few pages, but he is extremely secondary compared to everything else. I finished issue two with disappointment, hoping #3 and #4 would end on a far better note, but then the odd delays kept coming.

#3 Was scheduled for November and pushed back December,then January. Pushed again for February and now its "Scheduled" to be out in March. Could the poor reception of issue two have caused a rewrite and refocus for the story for the last two issues? Who knows, it least it hasn't been canceled.

If you haven't picked up the first issue, you can still hunt it down on eBay.

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