Sunday, March 23, 2008

Halo 3 Heroic Maps Set Free On Tuesday

"Today's Bungie Weekly Update features a handy reminder for the frugal. Next Tuesday, March 25 at 2 AM PDT, the Heroic Map Pack for Halo 3 will become a free download on Xbox Live. Good things come to those who wait (and reject microtransactions). That will coincide with the reveal of the third map from the soon to be released Legendary Map Pack, which, if you're getting greedy, has no current plans for becoming an eventual freebie. Who knows if that may change. God and The Shadow, probably. Maybe Luke Smith."

I cant wait to finally play some of those Foundry maps. I thought 10 bucks was too much for 3 maps but with the next pack having a Sidewinder remake, I might buy it.


Source: Kotaku

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