Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 review.

200360b Due to a huge winter storm and my inability to actually get to work today, the weekend rental comes early and its time to review Devil May Cry 4.

DMC4 starts between the end of DMC1 and DMC2 and introduces you to a new main character "Nero". Dante is also playable in the game but not in till a few missions later on in the game. Many reviews have discounted Nero as a whiny brat, but he actually delivers just as much class and wise cracks as Dante can; so while he's no Dante he can easily hold his own as a awesome character.

The storyline in this game is absolutely phenomenal and the cut scenes from the very beginning will knock your socks off, there is rarely a moment in the game when you want to skip the cut scene because there so action packed and entertaining. Nero is on a hunt for revenge against "The Man In Red" who kills one of the highest members of his holy order. On the way we the gamers are treated to betrayal, new allies and a awesome finish that will leave you wanting more.

Graphically, this game is so smooth and sharp that you tend to forget how much of an accomplishment it is that Capcom achieved to get this game running so smoothly. Sure there are games that look better then it, but they don't nearly run as fast and consistent as DMC4 does.

The sound presentation is a mixed bag, the sound effects are absolutely awesome with the Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and deliver a very well rounded mix; but the battle music gets very repetitive after awhile. DMC4 may be one of those games that you want to throw a custom soundtrack on.

Controlling the game is easy enough and attacks are easy to pull off, but if you've played the DMC series before you'll know that there are some advanced attacks that you can pull off that will do incredible damage. There's nothing quite like picking up a enemy and smashing him on walls and other enemies. Those giant boss monsters that you've seen in cut scenes? You can pick them up too and send them flying to their doom too and its epic when it happens.

Puzzles in the game can be mildly challenging but nothing to difficult that would frustrate the player, add some secret missions and extra play modes give the game a great amount of replay value. The bottom line: Devil May Cry 4 delivers on the next-gen platforms and even though the soundtrack can get a bit boring I give it a 5 out of 5.


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