Saturday, February 16, 2008 Skull Picture Pack#1 on Xbox LIVE Marketplace! and Disruptive Media Publishers have teamed up to release Skull Picture Pack #1. This pack includes two logos as well as four unique skull designs created by Avid X3ro and SeSpider. Unlike a large percent of packs this special pack only retails for 60 MS points.

The content is located in the Themes and Gamer Pictures section of the Xbox Live Marketplace under ''.

Disruptive Media Publishers is the leading independent provider of unique lifestyle customization content for Microsoft's Xbox 360: sports, college, anime, pets, scenery, art, girls and more.

For more information on Disruptive Media Publishers, please visit their official site at is a leading Xbox 360 community site established in May of 2005, 360 has grown to host the largest collection of Xbox 360 game themed desktop wallpapers. In addition to desktop wallpapers 360 Style aims to deliver other unique content in the form of videos, blogs and podcasts. The official podcast of 360 Style is available at

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