Saturday, October 25, 2008

Being Master Chief for Halloween.


custume 001

With the popularity of the Halo franchise, its no surprise that many official products have been made for it. We've seen many unofficial creations of Spartan armor and due to the fact that its Halloween, it would be a perfect time to be the Master Chief. Rubies has gone ahead and picked up the license to make Halo suits and has offered a few different varieties of them. Mine happens to be the standard version, which retails for about $60.00 bucks. It includes the complete jump suit and a two piece helmet.

So how does the suit stack up? Pretty nicely. While It does fit pretty nicely, I recommend hanging it up for awhile so the material and the plastic can loosen up from being so tightly stored in the bag. The helmet is pretty nice and you can see through the visor easily. The two piece helmet attaches with the included Velcro and looks quite good.

This is strictly for Halloween or costume events though. As it would not handle the wear and tear of using it every day. For what ever reason you would wear it everyday I don't know, but you know...just in case.

Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5. Its a decent costume, but I still think its a little expensive. Not bad.



custume 002

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gears of War Marcus Fenix 12 inch action figure review.

The Xbox Collector Video reviews return with a review of the brand new mega sized version of Marcus Fenix from Gears of War!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halo Plasma Sword by Master Replica's in action.

Master Replica's has put up a demonstration video of their new replica Halo Plasma Sword on Youtube. They seem pretty damn cool, but come with a hefty price tag of $200.00 bucks. Also, you will notice that it doesn't have the pointy edges like the actual Plasma Sword does. Jasman Toys was going to release a Plasma Sword for its Halo Laser Tag set, but due to the sharp edges and other things; stopped production on them.

I do think its pretty cool, but how many of you would pick it up for $200.00? I may have to pass.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halo 3 Series 3 action figures are out!

The new series of Halo 3 figures are out! You can pick them up at Toys R Us, Gamestop and many more retailers! I currently have picked them all up and this new series continues to impress me with each series released.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gamer Huts Episode #3 featuring Assassin10k

Gamer Huts Episode #2

My Fallout 3 Swag Collection and PAX '08 Button Shrine

All of this stuff on this board was collected during the 2008 Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, WA. Each button represents a different gamer from the Penny Arcade forum. During the event we tracked each other down and traded our specific button. It was a ton of fun and some of the buttons are really sweet.

The first Fallout 3 card is an advertisement placed in the bag of stuff you get when you first get into the event. The 2nd card was given to me during the Fallout 3 special demo panel. Each panel attendee won 1 out of 6 prize packs. These included signed and unsigned posters, puppets, the game, and a couple other cool things. The survival guide show in the bottom right corner was given away at the Fallout booth.

Here is my unopened Fallout 3 Pip Boy hand puppet. Only 2400+ of these were given out. Some have sold for $100 on ebay. These hand puppets will forever go down in history. Check out the video below to see what happened...

Gamer Huts Ep. 1: My Video Game Shirts

Hey folks, I'm launching so to promote the name a bit before launch, I have been putting together a variety of videos. Get a quick glance at my faceplate collection, orange xbox 360 controller and a portion of my video game tshirts.

If you are interested in having a video featured on "Gamer Huts", please send your 3-5 minute video to avid[@] (remove the brackets.) Taking videos of gaming rooms and collections. Please include info about yourself in the e-mail.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV (Paper Planes) Parody Song.

Enjoy this GTA IV "Paper Planes" parody song.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Achievement Unlocked Tshirt !

Check out this cool new shirt
for sale over at Split Reason.
Perfect gift for the Xbox gamer who never leaves the house.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Guitar Hero 2009 Mix & Match Guitars, Wave 1
Build your own guitar with interchangeable guitar heads, necks and bodies. 2-packs include stands and stickers for customization!

  • Feedback guitar (Effervescence pattern) & Voracious guitar (Cedar Ripple pattern)
  • Feedback guitar (Machine pattern) & Frydaze guitar (Tiger Stripes pattern)
  • Frydaze guitar (The Forge pattern) & Widowmaker guitar (Dragon pattern)
  • Widowmaker guitar (Paisley Dream pattern) & Voracious guitar (Camo pattern)
  • Voracious guitar (Cubert pattern) & Frydaze guitar (Boltz pattern)
Single Packs
  • Frydaze guitar (Boltz pattern)
  • Feedback guitar (Splatter Fest pattern)
  • Widowmaker guitar (Flame Rod pattern)
  • Voracious guitar (Cubert pattern)
  • Feedback guitar (Machine pattern)
  • Frydaze guitar (Tiger Stripes pattern)
Guitar Hero 2009, Wave 1
Five fan-favorite characters in 6-inch scale; 12-15 moving parts per figure, each includes a unique guitar!
  • Izzy Sparks
  • Judy Nails
  • Lou
  • Metalhead
  • Additional figure to be announced
Guitar Hero 2009 Mini Figure 2-Packs, Wave 1
Small in stature but HUGE in attitude! Stylized 2-inch scale Guitar Hero characters include figure-specific accessories.
  • Johnny Napalm and Axel Steel
  • Lars Ümlaut and Eddie Knox
  • Axel Steel and Lars Ümlaut
  • Eddie Knox and Johnny Napalm
10" Guitar Hero 2009, Wave 1
Four of Guitar Hero's most popular characters in 10-inch scale; each figure has more than 18 moving parts and includes guitar!
  • Johnny Napalm - British Flag
  • Johnny Napalm - Skeleton
  • Additional figure TBA
Guitar Hero 2009 Mix & Match Guitars, Wave 2
Build your own guitar with interchangeable heads, necks and bodies; 2-packs include stands and stickers for customization.
  • Fire Fighter guitar (Slither pattern) & Manta guitar (The Forge pattern)
  • Manta guitar (Tiger Stripes pattern) & Twango guitar (Matchbook Maple pattern)
  • Skull guitar (Zebrawood pattern) & Fire Fighter guitar (Black)
  • Twango guitar (Cherry Blossom pattern) & Skull guitar (White)
  • Skull guitar (Camo pattern) & Manta guitar (Red)
  • Manta guitar (Red)
  • Twango guitar (Firestarter pattern)
  • Skull guitar (Camo pattern)
  • Fire Fighter guitar (Cherry Burlwood pattern)
  • Twango guitar (Cherry Blossom pattern)
  • Skull guitar (White)
Guitar Hero 2009, Wave 2
Four more fan-favorite characters in 6-inch scale; 12-15 moving parts per figure, each includes a unique guitar.
  • Eddie Knox
  • Casey Lynch
  • Axel Steel (black metal version)
  • Metalhead (TV head version)
Guitar Hero 2009 Mini Figure 2-Packs, Wave 2
Small in stature but HUGE in attitude! Stylized 2-inch scale Guitar Hero characters include figure-specific accessories.
  • God of Rock and Izzy Sparks
  • Lou and Metalhead
  • Metalhead and Izzy Sparks
  • God of Rock and Lou
Guitar Hero 2009 Mix & Match Guitars, Wave 3
Build your own guitar with interchangeable heads, necks and bodies. Includes stands and stickers for customization!
  • Iron Cross guitar (Orange) & Treblemaker guitar (Paisley Dream pattern)
  • Twango guitar (Dragon pattern) & Spider guitar (Cubric pattern)
  • Hammer On guitar (Tiger Eye Maple pattern) & Iron Cross guitar (Engine pattern)
  • Widowmaker guitar (Teal pinstripe detail) & Hammer On guitar (Boltz pattern)
  • Hammer On guitar (Effervescence pattern) & Iron Cross guitar (Slither pattern)
Single Packs
  • Hammer On guitar (Effervescence pattern)
  • Spider guitar (Spalted Koa pattern)
  • Treblemaker guitar (Hero Guitar)
  • Iron Cross guitar (Slither pattern)
  • Twango guitar (Dragon pattern)
  • Spider guitar (Cubric pattern)
Guitar Hero 2009, Wave 3
6-inch scale; 12-15 moving parts per figure, each includes a unique guitar.
  • Clive Winston
  • Riki Lee
  • Skeleton
  • Midori
To see McFarlane Toys' 2008 Guitar Hero releases, go here.


5-inch scale figures with off-the-charts detail and articulation

  • Master Chief (with rocket launcher and bubble shield)
  • Arbiter - Active Camo (with plasma sword and bubble shield)
  • Elite Combat - Tan (with carbine rifle and gravity lift)
  • Spartan Soldier EOD - Red (with dual SMGs and trip mine)
  • Spartan Soldier Security - Olive (with dual maulers and radar jammer)
Halo 3 favorites in an all-new size. Three figures per package to collect and trade.
Red Team
  • Mark VI (with assault rifle)
  • Mark VI (with battle rifle)
  • Mark VI (with dual magnums)
Blue Team
  • Mark VI (with assault rifle)
  • Mark VI (with battle rifle)
  • Mark VI (with dual spike rifles)
Lone Wolves Pack 1
  • EOD - Steel (with assault rifle)
  • Rogue - Olive (with carbine rifle)
  • Mark VI - Blue (with dual magnums)
Lone Wolves Pack 2
  • Mark VI - White (with battle rifle)
  • EVA - Violet (with Spartan laser)
  • Hayabusa - Red (with dual SMGs)
In scale with our 5-inch Halo 3 figures, the Hunter stands more than 8 inches tall and has more than 28 moving parts.
12" 'HALO' 2009, WAVE 1
All the detail and articulation of our 5-inch scale figures in a colossal 12-inch size.
  • Spartan Soldier ODST - Red and white
  • Spartan Soldier ODST - White and blue
Custom designed to fit any 12-inch McFarlane Toys Spartan figure, each helmet includes a stand for flat surface or wall-mount display; stands interlock for dynamic display possibilities.
  • Mark VI, EOD and CQB (all Red)
  • Hayabusa (White), EVA (Olive) and Rogue (Tan)
  • Master Chief, Rogue (Silver) and CQB (Orange)
  • EOD (Blue), Hayabusa (Steel) and EVA (Tan)
  • Mark VI (Silver), EOD (Sage) and CQB (Brown)
Each 3-pack features 2½-inch figures with different poses and colors, and includes Halo weapons.
SET 1: UNSC TROOPS (Campaign)
  • 3 Spartan soldiers (with assault rifles)
  • 1 Spartan soldier (with assault rifle)
  • 1 Marine Infantry (with assault rifle)
  • 1 Spartan (with dual magnums)
  • 1 Spartan (with dual magnums)
  • 1 Spartan (with assault rifle)
  • 1 Marine Infantry (with assault rifle)
  • 2 Elites (with Plasma rifles)
  • 1 Grunt (with Needler)
5-inch scale figures with off-the-charts articulation and detail
  • Master Chief (with dual submachine guns and gravity lift)
  • Marine (with assault rifle and regenerator)
  • Brute Stalker - Active Camo (with dual spike rifles and drainer)
  • Elite Assault - Silver (with battle rifle and bubble shield)
  • Spartan Soldier Scout - Yellow (with shotgun and flare)
  • Spartan Soldier EOD - Red (with dual SMGs and trip mine)
Custom designed to fit any 12-inch McFarlane Toys Spartan figure, each helmet includes a stand for flat surface or wall-mount display; stands interlock for dynamic display possibilities.
  • Scout (White), Mark VI (Blue) and EVA (Red)
  • CQB, Rogue and EOD (all Olive)
  • Scout (Steel), Master Chief and EVA (Orange)
  • Hayabusa (Tan, Sage and Silver)
  • Scout (Yellow), Mark VI (Brown) and EVA (Tan)
5-inch scale figures with off-the-charts articulation and detail
  • Master Chief (with battle rifle, dual magnums, a plasma grenade and Head Shot Medal)
  • Elite Flight (with carbine rifle and Stealth Kill! Medal)
  • Sergeant Johnson (with Spartan laser and Laser Kill Medal)
  • Flood Pure Form: Stalker (with Flood infection forms and Multi Kill Medal)
  • Jump-pack Brute (with dual spike rifles and Multi Kill Medal)
  • Spartan Soldier Security - Red (with battle rifle and Beat Down Medal)
2½-inch figures with different poses and colors; each set includes three figures with Halo weapons.
SET 1: UNSC TROOPS (Campaign)
  • 1 - Marine Flame Unit
  • 1 - Spartan Soldier (with dual magnums)
  • 1 - Spartan Soldiers (with assault rifle)
  • 1 - Marine Infantry (with assault rifle)
  • 1 - Marine Infantry (with assault rifle)
  • 1 - Medic - White (with BR55 battle rifle)
SET 3: Alpha Base Pack (Campaign)
  • 2 - Snow Marines (with assault rifles)
  • 1 - Forge (snow marine camo) with shotgun
  • 1 - Arbiter (with plasma sword)
  • 2 - Grunts (with plasma rifles)
Built in scale with our standard Halo action figures.
Boxed set includes Mongoose vehicle and Spartan Soldier Mark VI.
12" 'HALO' 2009, WAVE 2
All the detail and articulation of our 5-inch scale figures in a colossal 12-inch size.
  • Spartan Soldier EVA - Sage
  • Spartan Soldier EOD - Steel
To see McFarlane Toys' 2008 Halo action figures, go here.


New 3-piece Sets Re-create Latest Halo Video Game
September 09, 2008
Copyright 2008 TMP International, Inc.

Halo Wars, the newest game in the Halo universe, will be available from Microsoft Game Studios in early 2009. Halo Wars is a real-time action strategy game for the Xbox 360 that allows the player to control large armies and direct them in realistic warfare. The game provides a new angle on the war while bringing new heroes to the battle.

McFarlane Toys will release Halo Wars 3-packs in March 2009. The figures are 2 1/2 inches tall and have mobility at the waist. Each 3-pack includes Halo Wars characters in different colors and poses, with weapons.
McFarlane Toys Halo Wars Series 1 features four unique 3-packs:

  • 3 - Spartan soldiers (with Assault Rifles)
  • 1 - Spartan soldier (with an Assault Rifle)
  • 1 - Spartan soldier (with two Magnums)
  • 1 - Marine Infantry (with an Assault Rifle)
  • 2 - Spartan soldiers (one with two Plasma Pistols and one with an Assault Rifle)
  • 1 - Marine Infantry (with an Assault rifle)
  • 2 Elites (with Plasma Rifles)
  • 1 Grunt (with Needler)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halo Uprising #4

Don't forget folks, the final issue of Halo Uprising is due out September 24! This final issue should send the series off with a bang!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Halo 3 Plasma Pistol 2 Player Set Review/Video Review

Jasman Toys returns with the new Halo 3 2 player target shooting set! Check out the new video review to see how they stack up!

If you were one of those people who loved the first two entries into the Halo Laser Pursuit Set, but were not very thrilled about the price for them; Jasman Toys has an answer for you! Yes! Jasman Toys has heard the cries of those saying the Plasma Riffle and Plasma Pistol were far too expensive and has responded by making a cheaper, scaled down, two player set for only $39.99.

The first and obvious question is going to be “Ok, so it’s cheaper! Does it still work like the original ones?” and the answer is that these work just as well as the other weapons and actually handles better than the original Plasma Pistol.

2playerplasma 001

The new Pistols have ditched the LCD, vibration and “pop out” over heat functions of the original gun and have instead scaled the weapons down slightly so they feel quite more comfortable to hold. The gun still features its overcharge shot function, still has lights and still features very high quality sound effects that sound just like the game. The pistols seem significantly lighter and now that it lacks the more expensive pieces; it seems much more durable in the hands of children.

The laser receiver that registers hits also makes it returns in the two set, though it is slightly smaller and this time painted a darker color then its predecessor. It still features the same clip on the back for clipping on the player as well. Another great feature is that the guns and receivers are backwards compatible with the original set, meaning if you have the original two guns; you can play with the new set as well!

I let some of the neighborhood kids try these out as Jasman Toys was kind enough to send me two sets of these and the kids grasped the concept of the guns pretty easily. While most of them were too young to have played the actual Halo video game, they seemed to be enthralled with them enough to make the kid’s mother’s interested and minutes later they were asking me where they could pick a set up of their own. They also asked me what the heck I was doing with so many laser guns… I should have responded by telling them I was preparing for the invasion, but I’m sure they would have called the cops on me.

Where can you buy these? At the moment they are only available at online retailers and can be found at the following sites below:

Overall, I’m happy to see that Jasman Toys went ahead and made a two player set like this! It’s much easier for Halo collectors and laser tag nuts to pick it up at its $39.99 price point and would make an awesome gift for the holidays or birthdays! I have no complaints what so ever about the features that were taken out, because the gun still does what it’s suppose to do!

Overall rating: 5 out of 5!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bionic Commando: Rearmed Review (XBLA)

bioniccommando_2_2Bionic Commando for the original NES remains one of my all time favorite games, so you can imagine my excitement when they announced a next gen version. Then they got me even more excited when they followed that announcement up with news of a 3D/2D remake. Bionic Commando: Rearmed is simply one of the best games you can pick up on Xbox Live Arcade and The Playstation Network. It takes every great detail of the original and makes it work in today's gaming generation.


Each and every level has been remade in high res graphics and a thumping electronic remix of the original songs. Updated game play mechanics have been added where they make sense, like being able to bring all your weapons with you on each map; opposed to just one like the original game forced you to have. The bosses of the original game where not one of the game's strong points, but the team who put together Rearmed has made awesome, intricate battles that change depending on what difficulty level you put them on. If there is only one gigantic change of the game, it is the last level. It is completely new to the original game and its also quite long. Not to mention frustrating! By the time I finished the last stage, I probably spent a good two hours total learning every part of it to make the most out of my lives. Even then, I spent another 5 lives on the last boss and just managed to finish him of with one remaining. As frustrating as it was though, beating it gives you a massive sense of accomplishment and unlocks Super Hard mode.

Another cool feature that GRIN (The team who remade the game.) put in was offline two-player co-op and 4 player offline deathmatch. Each element adds lots of hours to the game play and wraps up this awesome remake package into one great game.

For those of you who have played the original, buy it! Its worth it. To those of you who haven't, try the demo and experience the awesomeness! You won't be disappointed either way.


5 out of 5.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


If you've been singing the blues because you didn't make it to this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and thus, were unable to order our Halo 3 Con exclusive - you're in luck.
Starting today and available as long as supplies last, you can order this pair of figures through our online store. This special offer features two of McFarlane Toys' highly sought-after Halo 3 action figures in a commemorative combo.

An exclusive Spartan Soldier (EVA "HellSpartan") is paired with an exclusive clear Spartan Soldier (CQB Active-camouflage) figure. Production of these pieces was limited to 3,000 sets. Although packaged individually, the two figures will be sold ONLY as a set for $30 (plus shipping). There is a purchase limit of 4 sets per person.

You must be a member of our Collector's Club to order this exclusive combo. Becoming a member is quick, easy and FREE. Log onto your account.

Click here and follow the simple instructions to place your order.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jasman Toys Halo 3 Plasma Pistol set arrives at my studio.

Today, Fedex dropped off a box containing some Plasma Pistols! These are apart of the new two player set that Jasman Toys is releasing in the next month or so! If you've watched my video reviews in the past then you know that I've reviewed the original Plasma Rifle and the Plasma Pistol to lots of positive feedback. This two player pack contains two stripped down versions of the original Plasma Pistol in order to cut down the cost and make it more within your price range to enjoy some Halo Laser Tag. While it doesn't contain the pop out features, recoil and LCD screen of the original version; it still delivers solid game play. Also, these slimmed down versions of the pistols are a bit more comfortable on the hands which would allow for children to handle the guns easily.

2playerplasma 001


I've only had some solo experience with them so far, but rest assured; a video review is forth coming! It will cover all the questions you have about the new set and how it interacts with the old sets! We received 4 guns and along with original two, we plan to demonstrate a 2 vs 2 vs 2 game in the video review.

2playerplasma 005 

Enjoy a couple of photos of the guns, along with some comparison photos of the original gun. We'll post a video review as soon as its done!

          2playerplasma 007

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Halo Plasma Pistol 2 Pack is set to arrive soon!


I just talked to the Director of Marketing & Licensing for Jasman Toys (The makers of the wonderful Halo Laser Tag Weapons.) and has informed me that they will be available soon!

"Our mass market duel pistol set has shipped and they should be appearing on the following websites VERY soon:

You also can find them very soon at Fred Meyer and Academy Sports."

Stay tuned folks! A video review will follow as soon as we get our hands on these!

Halo Uprising #3 is out. No, really! (Review)

The day has finally come and the much delayed Halo Uprising comic series has finally been put back on track. Delayed after two issues due to a major plot change in Halo 3, the writers and artists were forced to make changes to the storyline that would make Uprising fit consistently with the third game. Many people were left with a bad taste in their mouths after reading issue #2;  the story seemed to fall away from the Master Chief and instead focus on the makeshift romantic relationship of two human survivors. This made the story very lackluster and didn't leave much hope for a story other than a romance novel for issue #3.


Either my head is foggy about the last issue or Benis and Maleev really brought their "A" game to issue #3, because it easily makes it the stand out issue of the series so far! I'd even say that it either matches or beats "Armor Testing' from the Halo Graphic Novel. Issue #3 brings it all: Mystery, suspense, great dialog and lots and lots of combat and blood! When you actually see a severed head of a Brute on top of a Warthog hood than you know that this issue is serious.

Overall, when I got to the end of this issue I was pumped to get the upcoming 4th issue.

Halo: Uprising is back...with a vengeance!

Friday, August 8, 2008




Halo 3 is quickly becoming one of the most successful licensed lines ever produced by McFarlane Toys.
Ever since the March release of our first series of Halo 3 action figures, it seems that everything's coming up Halo - and people just can't get enough. Vendors coast to coast have been reporting quick sell-through; the figures are disappearing almost as soon as they reach store shelves. Wal-Mart, Toys 'R' Us, KB Toys and GameStop report McFarlane's Halo 3 lines as their top sellers - and they're demanding more, More, MORE!
Series 2 arrived in stores in July, and is quickly becoming hard to find, as demand exceeds supply. But don't worry. We're happy to help you try and find these highly sought action figures. (Read below for retailer locations.)
Our Halo 3 product is currently available at these retailers:

  • Diamond (Comic Stores)
  • Entertainment Earth
  • Fred Meyer
  • FYE/Suncoast/Sam Goody
  • GameStop
  • KB Toys
  • Newbury Comics
  • Spencers Gifts
  • Toys 'R' Us
  • Wal-Mart (Canada)
  • Wal-Mart (U.S.)
While we can't guarantee that these retailers still have McFarlane Halo 3, Series 2 figures in stock, we can provide information that will hopefully make your search easier. (Check out our Where to Buy section.)
If you still can't grab up any of Series 2, rest assured that we have more Halo 3 product heading to store shelves.
Next month, Halo 3, Series 3 will be coming to a retail store near you; six new figures with awesome articulation and insane detail to add to your collection.
An exclusive Halo 3 2-pack will be coming to Fred Meier/Fry's Marketplace stores in November. This boxed set will include the Master Chief and the Brute Chieftain featured in McFarlane Toys' Halo 3 Series 1.

Get a Gears of War Lancer

" has announced an exclusive Gears of War 2 Lancer. Yours for a mere US$139.99! Out November 7th, the life-sized replica of course doesn't work, but hey, don't let that stop Dude Huge from pretending it does. Look how much fun he's having! If that is not a blast, will someone please tell us what one is?
If you pre-order the Lancer, you even get the standard edition of Gears of War 2, free of charge. And that's not a bad deal at all."

Kick. Ass. Thats freaking awesome. If it wasnt 140 bucks I would totally get one. Im already thinking about it anyway. I would love one.


Source: Kotaku

Cortana and Mongoose Halo 3 Artfx statues are on the way.

On the back of the box of my newly acquired ARTFX Halo 3 Field of Battle statue is some info on two more statues that are on the way. One being Cortana with a light up base, similar to that of McFarlane's Halo 3 figure version and a Mongoose! The Mongoose looks pretty cool as a it has two Red Spartans riding back to back, most likely driving away from enemy fire.

artfx 005

The photo of the back of the box is somewhat blurry, sorry!

Only One in the Universe

WETA has announced that it will be setting up some auctions for some one of kind sterling silver Halo statues. Currently an auction for the Master Chief and Grunts statue is up for auction and upon writing was at about $1600! Don't get me wrong, I love Halo but I'd never be to shell out that much money for something. I could pay off like 4 of my credit card accounts in full for that much!

I'll be waiting for the mass produced release of the Cortana Statue and hopefully that won't break the bank! See the whole press release below.

Go to Weta's eBay store for more details about the auctions

Nothing comes close to the feeling of owning something unique. One-of-a-kind. To know that nobody else in the Universe will ever have one like it.

Weta and Microsoft are giving you a rare opportunity to experience that feeling. We have taken our range of four Halo 3 Collectibles and plated them in sterling silver.

We have also gone one step further and cast certain parts of them in solid sterling silver. All to make these pieces truly unique.

As seen at San Diego Comic-Con 2008

Master Chief and Grunts - Auction Running Now! Click Here
Master Chief's hand and gun cast in solid sterling silver

- Master Chief and Arbiter - Auction Coming Soon
Master Chief's arm and rifle cast in solid sterling silver

- Master Chief and Flood - Auction Coming Soon
Master Chief's ands and guns cast in solid sterling silver

- Cortana - Auction Coming Soon
Cortana's computer chip cast in solid sterling silver

Check out the Weta website for images and more details around the auctions and to see all the cool stuff that Weta did on the Halo 3 trailers!

Good luck in the auctions!

From the team at Weta

Monday, August 4, 2008

Halo 3 Master Chief Field of Battle ARTFX Statue

For those of you looking for the newest ARTFX Statue for the Halo series, look no further. The brand new statue "Field of Battle" is out and ready to be picked up at stores and online shops.

I just picked mine up from White Wizard Toys and will be doing a video review of it and the first Master Chief statue soon!

artfx2 004

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  From the worldwide smash hit X-box 360 game HALO 3 comes the second release in the high-end ARTFX Statue series.  Locked in deadly combat with the Covenant, the indomitable Spartan super-soldier MASTER CHIEF stands in the field of battle. 

With a discharged grenade at his feet and the bubble shield dissipating, Master Chief readies his armaments and begins to rise.  Master Chief holds two M7 SMGs (Caseless Submachine Guns), or you can switch the bonus arms and have him grip his Assault Rifle.  When not using the Rifle, it can be stored on his back.  Additional hands are also included for expression, and as a special bonus for fans that collected the first Kotobukiya ARTFX Statue, you can swap weapons and hands with the first release!

artfx2 007

This pvc statue is fully assembled and ready to display out of the box. 

Highly customizable, and highly detailed...and highly desired by all Halo fans!

Halo Uprising complete collection.

One of my Youtube  subscribers (heriticelite) pointed out that Halo Uprising will be receiving full hardcover treatment in a few months. This collection will contain all the issues of the much delayed four part series. The reason there has been such a huge delay for the comic is the fact that some story elements needed to be changed due to some last minute plot changes in Halo 3. Why it has taken so many months to put these changes into effect are unknown to me, but it will be nice to have a complete book of the series. Here's hoping it comes out this year.uprising

The Eisner Award-winning team of superscribe Brian Michael Bendis and artist extraordinaire Alex Maleev unleash an epic story of mankind's struggle against the alien threat of the Covenant.

Picking up from the conclusion of blockbuster video game Halo 2, the must-read saga reveals how the Master Chief, while onboard a hostile ship headed towards Earth, is battling against Covenant forces!

Intertwined with Master Chief's interstellar one-man-war is the saga of a great American city's rebellion and downfall, two disparate lives' collision and shared fate, and the Convenant's hunt for an ancient relic of untold power and value. With hope dwindling and the fate of humanity hanging by a thread, is there any chance for a future?

Journey into the Halo universe!

Collecting Halo: Uprising #1-4 and Marvel Spotlight: Halo.

Thanks for the heads up Heriticelite!

Halo: The Cole Protocol (Cover unveiled.)

The next book in the Halo book series is out November 25th and is called "The Cole Protocol". While Bungie hasn't revealed the cover officially, Amazon seems to have already received the image for it. The last few Halo books have been great, lets hope this new one keeps the trend.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet Viking Battle for Asguard Art Promo Book

"This is a mini art book for Viking Battle for Asgard for 360 or PS3 it contains 32 pages of various art from the game and it's characters. This item was never sold in stores."

The game (Viking) is one of the most overlooked games for the 360. It mixed great action with brutal, bloody violence. Plus it had some of the coolest and most epic battles Iv seen in a videogame. Id say rent the game at the least, buy it so theres hope for a sequel.


Source: Ebay

New Proof of the $199 360 Rumor

"There it is (full size after the jump), according to (Thanks to eagle-eyed reader LoadedStatement). One of the site's members did a SKU inquiry on the 360 and got that screen, which shows the $199 price taking effect Sept. 7.
This apparently shows the SKU for the no-hard drive Arcade model. Other cuts are said to be coming for the Pro (60GB, $299) and Elite (120GB, $399), a development first reported by Ars Technica.
VGChartz follows the pic with a detailed analysis of what the new price points could mean for Microsoft, and the timing behind the price change. An excerpt:
The scheduling of the drop is telling as well. It takes place 1 week after Square Enix's 'Infinite Undiscovery' and 2 weeks before Harmonix/EA's 'Rock Band 2' - both exclusive to the Xbox 360 platform at the time of release and pricedrop (obviously, Rock Band 2 will ship in November for the other platforms).
The writer also peers into a crystal ball of sorts to guess at the production costs of the 360. Conclusion, down from $525 at launch to $140.15 to $182.19 today."
So this news isnt technically about a 360 related collectable but it is a 360 and thy can be collected. Before anyone gets too excited though this is the arcade SKU so it doesnt have a hard drive, just a memory card. Not a bad deal though, if true.
Source: Kotaku

Half Life Crossword

"Reader Aeon sent this in to help you pass away those weekend hours, and we thank him for it. Arts and crafts are one thing, but to sit down and create a crossword? One based on Half-Life? It tips the awesome scales at, well, awesome. It's short, but sweet, and Aeon says if it wets your whistle there'll be a bigger one to come. Oh, before attempting it, note that questions 8 & 11 require you, reader, having seen this and this."

Im a fan of Half Life 2 and both its episodes so far but I missed out on Half Life 1 so when I looked over the crossword there was a few that I couldnt figure out. Its a great test for your (Half Life) knowledge. Now bring on the Portal crossword. ;)


Source: Kotaku

Holy Crap! Halo Action Figure Stop Motion !

Part 3: Friends and Enemies (Halo Toys)

Halo Stop Motion (Halo shaped LEGOs)

Raiders of the Lost Frag: Part 4 (Halo Toys)

Dark Sector Hat

Hats make for great swag. Except they never fit my fat head. This one probably wouldn't either. I have a sweet GTA 4 one that doesn't fit and very depressing. This Dark Sector hat will probably be hard to find, if you are interested snag it here.

Unreal Tournament Xbox 360 Faceplate

Check out this very pretty Unreal Tournament Xbox 360 faceplate, Most likely a preorder bonus. Of course you can snag it on eBay, just make sure the price is right. I'm sure you will find more of these popping up for sale regularly. interviews the Penny Arcade Project Manager. is ran by me the owner of and, head over there to read the full interview. Also make sure to check out the variety of interviews I have done with video game bands performing at PAX 2008. Quick reminder PAX runs August 29th-31st at the WSCTC in Seattle.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

12 Inch Sonic Figure

"First 4 Figures announced today a new collection of models based on the classic Sonic the Hedgehog line, starting off with a 12 inch Sonic the Hedgehog statue.

Sonic the Hedgehog burst onto the scene in 1991 and in super sonic speed went on to become Sega’s mascot. Sonic is full of speed and attitude and spinning abilities that allows him to out-maneuver and stop Dr. Robotnik’s evil plans of world domination.

First 4 Figures' Sonic the Hedgehog statue has been painstakingly recreated from the official artwork from the classic games to bring a perfect representation of “the fastest thing alive”. The base of the model has been inspired by the first level in the first game, the Green Hill Zone, complete with a grass top and recognizable checker board base.

Made in high quality polystone resin, he comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes an Authenticity Card which allows you to purchase the same number of the model next in the Classic Sonic the Hedgehog series."

Not the biggest fan of the latest Sonic games (they sucked) but I think this figure is pretty darn nifty. If it was a foot high I might look at it some more.


Source: Teamxbox

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Halo 3 Kubricks Series 1 and 2 Video Review.

Whoops! I actually did this a few days ago and I forgot to post it! In this video review we cover series 1 and series 2 of the Halo 3 Kubricks. Kubricks are super deformed, almost lego-ish reworks of popular characters. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weta Unveils Halo 3 Collectibles

"Weta has unveiled new Halo 3 Collectibles at Comic-Con International 2008 (July 24-27), the largest comic book and pop culture gathering of its kind.
"Weta has been working for nearly a year to produce a stunning line of limited edition sculptures from Halo 3. At this stage, we're just finalizing the last details and we'll be starting to take pre-orders shortly."

Weta is (are) a great company. I love the extreme detail they put into everything they do. Check the source for some great pics of other figures.


Source: Teamxbox

Friday, July 18, 2008

Halo Points Program details are released!

McFarlane Toys has FINALLY revealed what Halo 3 toy collectors can redeem with their Halo Points! For those who don't know what I'm taking about, Halo points are on the back of each package of Halo figures and certain figures contain a certain amount of Halo Points; some more then others.

Halo 3 series 1 came with points but with no explanation of what was going to be done with them. Series 2 was just released and now we thankfully have some solid info on what we can get. The bad news is that we can't redeem the points for a couple of months! Winter 2008 to be exact.

Lets take a look at some of the prizes shall we?

Hit the link to check out the info! It doesn't translate to well on a white background on this page. :(

Thursday, July 17, 2008 Skull Shirts for sale!

Xbox 360 gamers and fans of who don't want to wear a simplistic logo t-shirt, check out this hardcore vampire skull design by community artist SEspider.
This graphic is available on a variety of shirt colors.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Halo 3 Series 2 Action Figure Video review

Today's Xbox Collector video review covers the just released Halo 3 Series 2 Action Figures.

In the review we feature the Arbiter, the ODST and a Gamestop Exclusive Spartan ODST.

Don't forget to rate and subscribe and be sure to check us out at and

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bionic Commando OST review.

BCR-soundtrack-coverBionic Commando: Reloaded is due out sometime this year on Xbox Live Arcade with much anticipation, in fact I'd say this game has more demand going for it then the current next-gen remake of it that is also due out this year.

For those of you who never played or are too young to remember it, Bionic Commando debuted on the NES system in 1988 and featured many original game mechanics, not to mention kick butt graphics, sound and one hell of  a final boss. (Hitler!) As a young child, I often use to revisit many of the levels because I was absolutely enthralled with the game soundtrack, mostly due to its very melodic tunes that were only rivaled back then by Castlevania. Needless to say, when the new trailer debuted for Bionic Commando with some remixed and revamped music of the original, I felt like I was 5 again. When the announcement came that an official OST (Original Sound Track) was being released, I contacted Capcom with the request to listen and review it and they were happy to oblige.

Composed by Simon Viklund, This revamped soundtrack takes all of the tracks of the original and throws in an excellent electronic music twist to it. Some of the tunes retain that classic blip and blop of the original, but they are intertwined with modern synth patches making it sound just as fresh as they were back in 1988. Electronic music has many, many sub-genres so if I were to compare it with other artists it would be a mix of Unleaded Logic, Crystal Method and Mind.In.A.Box. This is exactly how I would of approached doing a remake of this game's soundtrack. Overall, this makes for a rewarding audio experience that can be enjoyed even if your not playing the game. My favorite tracks are "Heat Wave", "Leap of Faith" and "Intruder."

Overall, if your looking to hear some Bionic Commando in full "Reloaded" glory, go and pick this soundtrack! You can currently pick it up on Itunes and you can preview the entire songs here:

While your at it, you should check out some Unleaded Logic music too! Shameless self promotion indeed, ha!

Track listing:

1. "Bionic Commando Rearmed (Main Theme)" 3:32
2. "Heat Wave" 3:50
3. "Power Plant" 3:38
4. "Leap of Faith" 2:42
5. "Rise of the Albatross" 4:59
6. "BCR Menu Theme" 3:22
7. "Prologue & Epilogue" 3:02
8. "OK, We'll Move" 2:29
9. "Meet the Enemy and Descend" 2:00
10. "Killt's Hidden Treasures" 2:30
11. "Amongst Allies" 1:20
12. "Intruder Alert" 3:28
13. "Suzuki's Heroes" 2:00
14. "One Man, One Bionic Arm" 1:40
15. "Go Go Bionic" 0:18

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


McFarlane Toys announces a partnership with Activision to produce action figures for the upcoming video game, Call of Duty®: World at War. The line is expected to hit store shelves in fall 2008, and retail for around $10- $15.

Developed by Treyarch and built using the Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ engine, Call of Duty: World at War thrusts players into the chaos of WWII combat, challenging them to band together to survive the climactic battles of the South Pacific and European theaters that led to the demise of the Axis powers. Re-defining WWII by offering an uncensored experience with unique enemies and combat tactics, Call of Duty: World at War offers cooperative gameplay, a franchise first which enables players to fight together like never before.





McFarlane Toys' first series of highly detailed, game-accurate Call of Duty: World at War action figures will consist of four soldiers:

Look for Call of Duty: World at War action Series 1 to reach stores in November.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Xbox 360 Faceplate Database Open! is proud to announce the launch of a brand new faceplate archival feature to the site. They have archived over 700 Xbox 360 faceplates that are out there. From commercial game-related to community created faceplates, to our knowledge it is the most comprehensive database of its kind. Be sure to check it out at

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Portal Earrings

"But these are pretty cool, right? It's an eBay store called The Clay Collection that features these hand-crafted, penny-sized earrings of geek paraphernalia - there are the tiny Companion Cubes I would have made had I only the fine motor skill, there are tiny Nintendo light guns and Bloopers that look absolutely fantastic, too, as well as other non-game related memetics like fast food and Mystery Science Theater."

Wow, if I was a girl I would wear these every day of my life. Check out the other earrings at the website, they all seem to be very well done. Chalk up another post about Portal for me! Wooo! Its gotta be at least 10. ;)

P.S. Sorry I have been gone. I went to the Florida Keys and Miami, pretty nice stuff down there.


Source: Kotaku

Guitar Hero Controller Coffin Cases

My friend Ciji aka StarSlay3r gave me a heads up about these sweet Guitar Hero controller coffin cases. Pretty unique idea if you ask me. I have one of the official GH2 backs which easily holds 2 controllers and a few games. These are even more stylish then the official thing. Visit the official website at .

Ace Combat Edge Flight Sticks

Cool 360 controllers I found on eBay, they are for Ace Combat 6. I looked them up and found them on If you buy the package it comes with a faceplate. The package retails for $150, but if you buy just the controllers off eBay the starting bid is at $50.


Halo 3 Custom Mousepads

Are you a fan of Halo 3 and collect mousepads on your spare time? Well I have a combo that you just might like!




Halo 3 McFarlane Cortana Light-Up Figure

I found this figure on eBay. It's just a display figure that stands on a base, but it lights up! It has some cool detail to it and the base goes with the figure, it's not just a piece of plastic. You can bid for it but batteries are not included, oh and if you buy it you will be the first to light this baby up!


Gears of War Marcus Fenix action figure from NECA.

A review of the Gears of War Marcus Fenix action figure from NECA.

I know my video reviews are usually better quality with music, graphical overlaps and better sound quality, but I shot it while having a 101.4 fever and was really in no mood or condition to to some major fixing in post production.

Sorry folks, next time I'll have a cleaner presentation.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Woodgrain OEM Xbox 360 Faceplate

Ever wondered what your 360 would look like if Mitchell Bentley designed it? (Mitchell Bentley made wood bodied station wagons) Then look no further!

This faceplate is being sold on eBay. I personally love the look of it. It would match perfectly if i still owned my wood framed television.

Introducing Emily!

Obviously my name is Emily, i'm a senior in high school and i have been gaming since i was 4 years old. I currently own an xbox 360 and am hoping to get a psp soon, along with a lot of other things. When i get to college i believe i am going to get a major in computer technology and a minor in media. I do the morning announcements at my school, and it has helped me with speaking infront of a lot of people. The show is not only shown throughout the whole school but is also sent out to all the televisions in my city. After embarrassing myself a few times, i have found it to be very interesting and fun. I love to anchor on the show now and am looking forward to next year, and am also hoping to get a job in hosting for G4 TV.

There is a lot more but i'll leave that to the book i will write when i am famous. just kidding.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Bungie Store is closed.

On one of my regular visits to the I noticed something missing immediately: The Bungie Store. A place where one could find some very awesome Halo collectable's, was no longer anywhere to be found on the website. After using Google to look it up, I was met with this at the entrance to the shop.


So...the Bungie Store will be coming back, but to what degree? I wouldn't expect much in the line of Halo stuff, now that Microsoft owns the rights to produce everything. I could be wrong, but if that wasn't the case then there would be no reason for Bungie to close the existing store. So anything you bought from the store in the last 4 years could have just increased in value! My only regret was that I wasn't able to get that last mylar print they released..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gears of War Figure Box Set

Gears of War toys are finally arriving in stores and on eBay! I was all fired up to pick a few of them up when I found out that NECA is releasing the toys in a boxed set as well! Check it out!




The pack should be hitting shelves soon!