Friday, January 4, 2008

Mimobots Halo USB Thumbdrive Review by Unleaded Logic

A review for the Mimobots USB Thumbdrive, you can pick these up at Hurry, these are limited edition.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Custom My Little Pony Xbox 360 Faceplate

If you are a fan of cutesy colors and the hit kids cartoon My Little Pony, then you should be a fan of this Xbox 360 faceplate. The artist did a great job customizing it. Im sure it will make one of your daughters or wifeys happy come valentines ;) .

Source: eBay

Custom Halo 3 Airbrushed Faceplate

There have been plenty of these custom faceplates that have come and gone. I never get sick of them especially when they are related to Halo. If you are a faceplate designer feel free to send us links to your creations. We will not hesitate to feature you if its interesting.

Source: eBay

Guitar Hero Guitar Hanger / Holder Mounts

Looks like someone has jumped on the "IDEA!" train and decided to start selling Guitar Hero guitar mounts. At first impression it looks kinda expensive at $20 for a couple pieces of wood. But the designer promises to customize it with whatever paints or designs you want on it. "8 Ball, Skull, Lighting bolt, Smiley Face, Guitar Pick, and any sports team.."

Source: eBay

New Portal Shirts

Valve is milking the Orange Box cow, first plush toys, then signed lithographs and now we have some sweet Portal shirts. One featuring the companion cube, one the famous cake, and one GlaDOS. Pretty nice stuff. I'm considering snaggin ghte GlaDOS hoodie.

Source: Valve Store

Monday, December 31, 2007

Weighted Companion Cube Plush Toys!!

Every Portal player knows that the Weighted Companion Cube was the greatest videogame character to come along in 2007. If you are a true cube lover then you should check out the new Weighted Companion Cube plush toys Valve has set free on the world.

While the Valve Store is sold out of these plush tastic cubes there are many of them on Ebay right now but they are selling for upwards of $200. Also on Ebay was a giant Weighted Companion Cube with proceeds being given to Childs Play but the auction ended with the a final bid of $1,200!!! Act now if you want a cube to be forever part of your real life.


Sources: Ebay Valve Store Kotaku

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chocolate Master Chief

Microsoft Russia seems to be sending out these giant tin covered chocolate Master Chief coins to their partners this holiday season. The chief looks to be surrounded by a bunch of Xbox orbs, pigeon eggs and lettuce.

Source: Kotaku