Friday, November 23, 2007

Amazing Custom Bioshock Faceplate

Check out this crazy looking custom faceplate made by JackTheRipper.

Source: XBA Forums

Xbox Addict has a sweet FACEPLATE forum!

Our friends over at Xbox Addict have launched some really nice Faceplate forums for all you collectors and modifiers. My good friends Artistpavel and Spaceghost2k have even found time to show support.

Click here to visit the Faceplate Forums.

Order Turok, Get a Shirt !

Every once and a while you will see a preorder that is worth while. Turok looks to be a promising refreshing reinventing of the classic series. Why not sport the shirt? I actually have 2 Turok shirts from E306 and I love them. :)

Source: EbGames