Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halo Effect: Totaly Unathorized book about the best selling game of all-time!

Book Description

Halo Effect is a collection of essays on the bestselling video game Halo and is not authorized by Bungie, Microsoft, or any entity associated with Halo.
his game is for us gamers that truly want to find out about the best selling game: Halo 3.
With discussions on the role of religion and science in the game, this collection of essays also looks into the creation of and community reaction to the launch of the Halo series. Updates on the upcoming movie and a rigorous analysis of the vehicles of Halo are also included.

About the Author
Glenn Yeffeth is the editor of Farscape Forever!, Seven Seasons of Buffy, and Taking the Red Pill, as well as coeditor of Finding Serenity. He lives in Dallas.

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Mass Effect: Revelation

A four-star book! (
as rated on

Book Description

When every society relies on Protheans, a species that disappeared 50,000+ years ago. A sample of Protheans is found on Mars in 2148, people are moving to the stars. Ship commander and Alliance war hero, David Anderson researches a top secret military base, searching for Kahlee Sanders, where is she? No record are left of her, what will they do now? Read the book to find out!

About the Author
Drew Karpyshyn is the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, and several other fantasy and science fiction novels. He is also an award-winning writer/designer for the computer game company BioWare, where he was lead writer on Mass Effect and the popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. He lives in Canada’s hinterlands with his loving wife, Jen, and their cat.

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ArtFX Halo 3 Master Chief Statue

Release: Oct. 8, 2007
Short Description: The Covenant control Earth. The Flood is unleashed. With the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, only Master Chief stands ready turn the tide as the Human-Covenant war comes to is shattering climax in Halo 3! Developed by the KOTOBUKIYA staff in conjunction with Bungie, this fabulously detailed ARTFX Statue perfectly replicates every detail of the armored battle suit as seen in the smash-hit game. As a special bonus, this PVC figure includes multiple bonus parts for a variety of posing options: armed with deadly Energy Sword, or with dual Magnum handguns. One of the highest quality Japanese collectibles ever produced from the Halo universe, the Master Chief ARTFX Statue measures a whopping 12" H (with base, which even has the armor of a fallen Brute)!
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Monday, October 1, 2007

IPTV on 360???

Yep, its true, the release of IPTV for our 360's is soon!

What is it?
It is a system where a service is digital television delivered by using internet protocal over a network infrastructure, which may include delivery by a broadband connection. A general definition of IPTV is television content that, instead of being delivered through traditional broadcast and cable formats, is received by the viewer through the technologies used for computer networks.