Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Unboxing Halo ActionClix

I recently got some awesome Halo ActionClix from Wizkids in the mail. I was really excited to get these not just as a collector but as a gamer in general. I have never had the chance to play a Wizkids miniature game and I am looking forward to sitting down at the coffee table with a friend and checking this series out.

One thing I can say is that these minis are extremely detailed. I was very impressed with the overall package of these booster sets. I am already hooked and plan on buying more of these in time.

My ActionClix photo gallery.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Win bunch of cool swag while waiting in line for Halo 3 !

Hey folks, im hosting a contest in the forums that you should definitely check into if you are a collector and attending a Halo 3 Midnight Madness launch line.

Here is the grand prize:

Custom Tshirt with your gamertag.
Medal of Honor: Airborne for Xbox 360
Super Ultra Extremely Mega Rare Swag Pack !

* Swag Pack includes:
Geometry Wars Glow in the Dark Stars [from pax 2007]
Mountain Dew Game Fuel wrist sweatband [from e3 2006]
3 Xbox 360 Pins [from 'Crackdown' Event at MS]
Viva Pinata sticker set ['Largest Pinata Party 2005']
Rockstar Sticker [from pax 2007]
Kane & Lynch Sticker [from pax 2007]
EA Rockband Drum Sticker [from pax 2007]

Get all the contest details here !

Introducing the Xbox Mini

Check out this amazing custom mini Xbox created by someone with a lot of time on their hands. Very cool stuff, follow his progress in the Xbox-Scene forums.

Call of Duty 4: MW Collectors Edition Annouced

-click comic to enlarge-

Everyone loves collector's editions, Actvision will be releasing CoD4 M.W. on November 4th get ready to fork over a good chunk of money for a good game.

"Each Limited Collector's Edition includes a special hardcover book featuring exclusive concepts, never-before-seen imagery and final artwork from the award-winning team that details the breath-taking action from the soldier to the satellite.
The Xbox 360 edition also takes gamers behind-the-scenes with a bonus DVD containing more than four hours of interviews and features, an exclusive documentary exploring the British S.A.S from World War II to modern day, and a series of "making of" vignettes highlighting Infinity Ward's research, technology and story development for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."

Source: CharlieOscarDelta