Saturday, September 8, 2007

Rainbow Six Vegas Custom Faceplate

The last custom faceplate I am posting today. This one is also made by the 3d faceplate master, SpaceGhost 2k. Start fighting terrorists at home with your own custom 3d Rainbow Six Vegas faceplate. Definitely a top of the link faceplate modification.

Source: ebay

Burger King - "Where's your god now" Faceplate

Here is another one of SpacesGhosts2k's custom faceplates.

"Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of your competition like knowing your guardian angel is none other than the King... the Burger King, that is. Parodied off a widely circulated and hilarious internet photo, you bring tha King to your next fragfest." -SG

Source: ebay

Gold Zelda Themed Xbox 360 Custom Faceplate

Check out these 2 awesome Zelda themed faceplates that Spaceghost2k from the TeamXbox forums has created. With every new custom faceplate he designs he gets better.

Source: eBay

The BAN HAMMER Strikes!

I haven't been able to post many Blogs, due to my incredible addiction to the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multi Player Beta. But I feel I needed to address the recent surge of Xbox Live Banning Stories that have been surging the Internet.

As many web savvy folks know, It seems some people have been banned from Xbox Live until the magical date of 12/31/9999 ... or basically one day before New Year's Day 10,000 AD!!! This is due to these (Very Few) naughty players who have been cheating to get into both the Call of Duty 4 Beta without a token or a Closed Halo 3 Beta (code named Epsilon), that they had NO BUSINESS obtaining. I'm not clear on the actual details of how players were able to do this, but I do know that its a Violation of the Terms of Service and these folks got their Live accounts Banned until... well let's just say Forever.

Don't believe the huge out cry though... this only happened to a small handful of players, and Microsoft didn't ban Thousands of Accounts like some websites are reporting. Some Websites are even reporting that these players got Advanced copies of Halo 3 from Local Best Buy Stores... that too is wrong.

Regarding Halo 3... I say for shame! A well deserved Ban on these players for cheating. The game comes out in LESS THAN 30 Days... which is A LOT sooner than 12/31/9999, it just wasn't worth it.

As for the the COD4 beta, the best advice I can give in a situation like this is try and be patient. Microsoft knows you all want to play, but PLEASE be patient cause if you break the rules, you can be banned. Look Even I got a Token, and If I can wait for one, so can you!

XBOX Terms of Service

Friday, September 7, 2007

Todd Mcfarlane Interview

The folks at TXB have released an interesting interview with Todd Mcfarlane the godfather of Spawn and so many other comic characters. Head over there and get all the details on what Todd and his team have been creating with the Halo license in their hands.

Source: Teamxbox

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Halo ActionClix: The Covenant

Halo ActionClix: Launch Countdown - The Covenant

This year at PAX 2007, Godfather X and I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the guys at Wizkids and interview him about the Halo ActionClix being released this September. Turns out we had some technical difficulties with our microphone at that moment and we lost the audio interview. Either way believe me when I say Halo ActionClix are absolutely amazing.

There will be over 80 different pieces for every entity in the Halo universe. The detail on the figurines are stunning. Halo ActionClixis a collectible tabletop miniatures game.
Tabletop players should be familiar with the award-winning Clix miniatures game engine. Gamers will be able to purchase Halo ActionClix in 2 different sized booster packs that will include preview content of Halo 3.

Take a look at some of the Covenant miniatures:

Serving as the main infantry of the Covenant army, individually the Grunts are fairly weak and are most effective when attacking in groups. In Halo ActionClix, Grunts will similarly be weak on their own but with grenades they will still stand a chance against more powerful foes.

As the next step up from the Grunts, Jackals serve a more defensive/long-range role in the Covenant’s forces. In Halo ActionClix, as in the video games, Jackals can also come equipped with shields, making them one of the tougher characters to take down.

The newest addition to the Covenant’s army, the Brutes are also unquestionably one of its toughest factions. Physically resilient and extremely strong, their Halo ActionClix counterparts will definitely be a force on your tabletop.

As one of its oldest and most respected members, the Elites hold a special place within the Covenant’s hierarchy. This, coupled with their excellent fighting skills and superior military minds, make them one of the biggest threats to the Covenant’s enemies. Halo ActionClix’s Elites are no different, and will come equipped with a variety of weapons, from Plasma Rifles to Energy Swords.