Saturday, August 4, 2007

Limited Edition "300" XBOX 360

Yes, above you see a one of a kind "300" themed XBOX 360 console (well, one of twenty ever made). It is basically an elite, with a 300 paintjob, and is autographed by Frank Miller and Zach Snyder. It also comes with a matching HD DVD drive and the "300" HD DVD movie. You can't buy this, but you can enter to win it here. But, if the winner chooses, he'll probably sell it on e-bay, then there, you can pay a pretty penny. This is rare so go have a shot at winning it!
Also, more pictures of this beauty can be seen on the contest page that I have linked to above.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Booger Boys Faceplate Collection

BoogerBoyMeister put a video of his faceplate collection on YouTube. Nothing really special just a custom Twisted Metal faceplate and a great redneck accent.

Transfromers Faceplates Video Review

The guys at decided to review the new Transformer interchangable Decepticon faceplates. Pretty much its just a bunch of cardboard print offs you slip under a plastic molding. Woopdee doo. But they really dont look that bad. Watch the vid.