Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rare NCAA Football 08 faceplate

While I was randomly surfing e-bay, I came across this rare NCAA Football 08 faceplate. It was up for bid on e-bay, but the auction has since ended. I haven't seen any of these around the stores near me, so apparently this is a rare face plate like the owner stated. Congrats to whoever snags this little piece of plastic up!

Offical e-bay auction page.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Custom Painted Halo 3 Clan Faceplate

Once again, I find myself blogging about the the cool stuff Pavel Dolgov constanly creates for his clients. Someday I will be the proud owner of my own custom P.D. faceplate, but for now I will enjoy his creations from the comfort of my monitor. This Halo 3 Faceplate features a Spartan Sniper as well as the logo for the clan 8-Bit Brigade.

HawtyMcBloggy (see the step by step design process)

My 3rd Custom Sharpie Faceplate !!!!!

So, I had this transparent red faceplate that I won in a blogging contest a few months back. I finally got it in the mail and it turned out the usb door flap was broken on it. Besides the minor flaw the faceplate was in good condition . Anyways I decided to give it to one of my close friends who is a new Xbox 360 owner. Of course me being an artistic freak I had to put my own personal touch on it. The silver designs were painted on using a Sharpie pen. Believe it or not the finished product turned out pretty sweet if you ask me. This is my 3rd Sharpie faceplate I have done. Click here to see one of my black and white sharpie faceplates.