Friday, June 29, 2007

My Call of Duty 2 Autographed Faceplate !

This week when I was up at Infinity Ward's game development studio, I decided to bring my Call of Duty 2 Faceplate and some silver Sharpies. The devs were cool enough to sign it. This is now my prize possession. Thanks for your hospitality Infinity Ward and Activision !

Infinity Ward Bag and Mugs

These Infinity Ward items were handed out to CoD4 Community Day attendees. Originally this only had one mug. But I accidentally stole the second one from's Ron "Grey Bush" Workman. Sorry Ron , I did not want to leave it at the hotel :)

Call of Duty 4 Light-Up Pen

Yeah, I know the picture is horrible but the pen is cool. This Call of Duty 4 light-up pen was handed out at the Call of Duty Community/Fan day by Infinity Ward and Activision.
This exact pen was used to take notes about Call of Duty 4 while developers played the game.