Friday, May 25, 2007

Xbox 360 Rare Controller T-Shirt

I never seen this Xbox 360 shirt. Its kinda cool but still out of all the gaming shirts I have I don't think I would wear this one. I never liked the massive controller on my chest look.

Source: eBay

Halo 3 Beta T-Shirts

For a mere 17 bux you can own a piece of gaming history. Deep down inside every Halo fan wants to rock this shirt. If you end up buying it, send us a crazy picture of you wearing and we will feature here on The Xbox Collector.

Source: Bungie Store

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mount your Xbox 360 Faceplates

I have been wanting to mount my Xbox 360 Faceplates for a while but I don't really have the room at the moment. Check out this picture that Flickr user Travace took of his collection. I think it looks really cool. Do you have a cool faceplate set up? Send us your pictures.

Source: Flickr

Xbox 360 Experience 2006 Faceplate

This faceplate is limited to only 200 pieces. Originally it was given out to attendees of the Xbox 360 Experience event held in Austria.

Source: eBay