Friday, April 20, 2007

Gears of War Paintball Gun !!

The auction for this paintball gun states that this was created for an employee. I dont know if they mean that it was for a Gears of War developer or paintball distributer.
Either way its the first time I have seen this unique item so I figured I would post it. Starting price $300.

Source: eBay

Xbox 360 Chrome Lanyard and Badge

I know badges are fairly boring, but they do have significant to Xbox Collectors. This here was guest past for X06 in Singapore, I like the chrome lanyard.

Source: eBay

6 Transformers Faceplates

The guys at Lowdown411 happen to spot this set of Xbox 360 transformers faceplates. There are actually 6 of them in this one package. You can pick it up at a variety of game stores or just ebay it.

How to paint your Xbox 360 Faceplate !

Check out how easy Pavel makes faceplate painting look !
This has to be one of the coolest Dead Rising faceplates I have seen.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

x360- Sharpie

Everytime i feel like getting a little bit of attention, i pretend as if i were to write; and then pull out my x360 Sharpie. Then, my whole offices ignores the fact its a 360 sharpie and like that its green. Cant win them all i guess. You know, seeing how i have x360 pens, notepads, sharpies.. it seems as though i could start my own officemax 360. I would be a hit!