Friday, March 30, 2007

The Xbox Collector meets the Ultimate Xbox Collection.

Hey folks ,when I was up at the Xbox headquarters in Redmond, WA. I got a chance to see the ultimate Xbox shrine. This glass case is loaded witih the rarest Xbox memorabilia ever, including dozens of awards and signed pieces.

JVB from took this photo of me while I was taking a picture of the display case.

And here is a short video I made where I pan over the display case showing you an upclose view of some of the goods it ends with me pointing the camera on George from .

FragIsle Multiplayer Xbox360 Tournament Units

Check out these kick ass custom units you can purchase from a new company called Fragisle.
You can get these coin operated or in various other forums. The 2nd picture is of a 3 sided unit that would be perfect for a gaming lounge or tournaments.

Heres a quote directly from the company:

"We have designed a system where console games can be operated in a pay for play environment. The machines are built in an arcade version, and a four sided tournament version. These configurations afford installation flexibilty in a variety of locations. We are not affiliated with Sony, Microsoft, nor Nintendo, nor do we have any relationships with software publishers. We simply provide the tool, to deliver console gaming entertainment in public venues. "


The Darkness Xbox 360 Action Figure.

Check out this tiny picture of this wicked little demon from the game and comic The Darkness. The monster is holding a baseball bat that says 2kgames. Pretty neat little piece of memorabila. This toy comes free when you preorder the game through EB.

Source: EBgames

Charity Russel Crowe Custom Xbox 360

Yes folks, this has the be the scariest Xbox 360 I have ever seen but its for a good cause so go bid on it. If you don't know who Mr. Crowe is, he was the Gladiator.

Source: Ebay - TheXboxDomain

The Perfect Xbox 360 Cake!

This is really one of the best Xbox Cakes i have ever seen!! It looks sooo good! It's very well crafted and does not look sloppy. I want one!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Creative Xbox 360 Shirt - I wouldn't wear it...

I love this shirt for its pure originality but damn is it ugly.I don't attract many girls already, being the fanboy that I am. I have tons of gaming shirts but this is just wrong. Why would you want to have a bunch of cables on a shirt. A controller would be fine but why so many damn cables. You can pick this shirt up at Hot Topic for 20$. Please send me a picture of you wearing it, if you decide to purchase it.

Source: Hot Topic

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cycling Tshirt

Do you like to Cycle? Or perhaps you just like to pretend you do. Whatever the case maybe, now you can represent your gamer/biker spirit with this shirt. I present to you- The Xbox 360 Cycling shirt. This is a bit old and so the bid is over, but now you know they are out there. Go now my child and go hunt it down.