Saturday, March 24, 2007

Xbox 360 Controller Cake - Eat up !

Not as pretty as some of the previous Xbox themed cakes that have been spotlighted around the web. But sometimes keeping it simple is best. Ingredients include: chocolate fudge cake, italian meringue, buttercream, gumballs, mints, peanut butter cups, and a mint chocolate cookie .

Source: Flickr

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 2 Kiosk

Play Guitar Hero 2 at select retailers across the nation. Check out this shot of the kiosk unit.
Release date: 4/3/07

Source: Flickr

Xbox 360 Qee Close Up Shot

The title says it all. While surfing Flickr I stumbled across these Qees which I blogged about a few other times. But in the past the pictures have been really crappy. Do you think these things are cool? I sure do, they would look great with a custom Gears of War Munny doll.

Source: Flickr

Sexy School Teacher Xbox 360 Hand Painted Faceplate

Check out this custom hand painted faceplate created by Pavel Dolgov for a client.

Source: Flickr

3d Xbox 360 Treasure Island LE Faceplates !

Check out this extremely unique 3d faceplates created by . You may remember there volcano/lava faceplate they made about a year ago. Cool stuff, check out the rest of the pictures here.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Alpha Omega of Halo toy collections.

Halo Mini Master Chief Protope (E3 2003 Item.)
Do you have one of these?
Email PoppingfreshGod and give him the joy of finally completing his Halo 1 and 2 collection.

Email address:

When PoppingfreshGod emailed me asking if I could help him out by posting if anyone has the rare Halo E3 prototype figure; I had no problem saying: "Yes." That was even before gazing on the one of the biggest and most impressive Halo collections I've seen in along time! Take a look at the photos folks and behold the beauty!

Signed, sealed and freaking awesome.

A huge stack of unopened Halo 1 toys.

A shot of a bunch of rare active camo Master Chiefs.