Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gears of War LEGO set !

Check out this custom Gears of War LEGO set.
L to R: Pvt. Damon Baird, Pvt. Augustus Cole, Sgt. Marcus Fenix, Pvt. Dominic Santiago.

Source: Flickr

Xbox 360 Staff Badges

These 3 staff badges where once worn by John Porcaro from Microsoft marketing team. They each feature unique hand drawn characters. On the back of the badges are a bunch of emergency phone numbers. I don't ever plan on selling these, but in the past I have seen employee badges sell for over 50 bucks on eBay.

Viva Pinata Party Swag Bag

Earlier this year MS and Rare held a massive Pinata party, thousands of kids were invited to attend and participate in some fun activities. They also featured the worlds largest pinata at the time. (That record has already been beat by the mexican government.)

This swag pack was given out to the kids. It includes about 5 pages of stickers,trading cards, 3 viva pinata silly putty eggs , a tutorial cd, a shirt and a nylon magazine bag. Everything features the VP logo.

Crackdown Launch Swag

Wow, MS really went out and produced a ton of swag for Crackdowns launch event. Shirts, hats, blow up punching bags, custom energy drinks and a ton more.

Source: Flickr

Monday, February 19, 2007

Get Halo faceplate with Crackdown

If you want a cool free faceplate, make sure you stop by your local Circuit City and get your copy of Crackdown. You will get this faceplate free with your Crackdown purchase!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Assasins Creed Statue

At this years Toy Fair Ubisoft showed off this prototype Assasins Creed statue. It is suppisvely the first off four figures. I cant wait to see how it looks when its all done. Right now it just seems like a Ken doll in drag.
Source: Mondo Xbox