Friday, February 16, 2007

Perfect Dark Comic Finale.

The 6th and final issue of the Perfect Dark mini-series has finally been released and closes the gap between Greg Rucka's "Initial Vector" and the second novel "Second Front". If you haven't been following the storyline of any of them, I recommend you check them out; the stories are far better then the 10 minute write up that could be called the Perfect Dark Zero plot.

My hope? Greg Rucka does the game story for the next Perfect Dark game and makes it as interesting as his books are.

You can pick up the whole comic series at Prima or you can order the compilation book of the comics coming soon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bungie Sale : $5 Halo 2 Shirts

I just stumbled across this sale at the Bungie Store. You save almost 10$ on this limited edition shirt. It is now only $5. I figured some of you may be interested. It beats paying full price.
Source: Bungie Store

Xbox 2007 Calander

If your looking for a new game related calender to hang up in your gaming room, you may want to check this out! Covers every big game release for 2007!

Get one here.

Got Qee?

Upon some random eBay browsing I ran into these rather interesting toys, some range from just your regular Xbox logo related characters to some Ninety Nine Nights figures. They definitely be something to pick up and put on your work desk.

Check the link here for the eBay seller's shop.

Blue Dragon Japanese Collectors Set

I a received an e-mail with detailed pictures of the Blue Dragon figure set courtesy of Xenosphere. He was given these a few months back in Japan. I think its a pretty sweet set, if I can ever find one at a good enough price, I might pick it up.