Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lifesize Lara Croft Statue

Standing at 6'6" , this statue will freeze most geeks in their tracks. Meet Lara, your new roomate. Not only is she a great topic of conversation, she also would make a fine coat rack. This statue was for promotional use only for the game Tomb Raider Legend.
Source: eBay

Friday, January 19, 2007

Limited Lost Planet Laser Cell

In addition to the action figures and faceplates some people received a limited edition laser cell for Lost Planet. It is only 4x6 inches ,but it still seems pretty nice. I actually did put a bid on this item just because it was pretty cheap. Always keep your eyes on limited items like this because if the game is good the value will only increase in time.

Source: eBay

Cool Bioshock Poster

This game is going to be one of the hottest titles of this quarter. Im really looking forward to its intense story line. I mean c'mon have you seen the trailer. Anyways these posters are hard to find but like always check your online auction sites.

Source: eBay.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Powerful Water Cutters, Slice up Xboxes, Why?

Check out these pictures I found a few weeks back from this water cutting site. They used multiple Xboxes just to prove how well their water jet cutters work.

Source: WaterJets

The Kings Is In The House !

We enjoy getting reader emails , here is one I just got the other day. If you ever have something cool you would like to show us send us a message.

"I was at my local BK yesterday ordering a Whopper Jr and noticed they still had the large cardboard stand up of “The King” holding the Xbox 360 controller. This is the cardboard stand up they used to promote the BK Games for the 360. It’s over 6 feet tall. I asked the BK mgr if I could have the stand up and she said “ok”. I thought it would be a great conversation piece for my game room. I am going to put “The King’s” head and hand holding the controller on the wall and trash the rest. It kinda smells like a BK restaurant but isn’t too bad – anyways I plan on keeping it until my wife makes me throw it out." -ezWaffles