Saturday, December 29, 2007

Improved Xbox 360 Controller coming?

There has recently been talks of Microsoft making a motion sensored controller and Cesar from Teamxbox took a break from his holiday to bring the community this message:

"I should not have been talking about this until next year, but a story of a motion sensing add-on for the Xbox 360 controller forced me to interrupt my holiday break. First, let me tell you that the image floating around with supposed prototypes of a motion sensing Xbox 360 controller is FAKE.

The image in question (see above) was taken from a Gizmodo article that showed the many prototypes Gyration and Bridge Design pitched to Nintendo in 2001; prototypes that eventually gave birth to the Wii controller. can confirm that Microsoft has been researching alternative input technologies for the last two years, including vision-based recognition such as the one used on Xbox Live Vision, as well as motion sensing technologies similar to those seen in the Microsoft Freestyle Pro and the PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS.

Particularly, Microsoft has looked at ways to improve the right analog stick input and you’ll hear more about those efforts soon.

In the long run, there’s more than a first-party tilt mod in the works and will bring you a real list of next-generation Xbox controller prototypes soon. "

Personally I have no problems with the current 360 controller, and I have my Wii to please my motion sensor needs, but if Microsoft wants to combine the two, I wont complain.


Source - Teamxbox

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