Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halo Effect: Totaly Unathorized book about the best selling game of all-time!

Book Description

Halo Effect is a collection of essays on the bestselling video game Halo and is not authorized by Bungie, Microsoft, or any entity associated with Halo.
his game is for us gamers that truly want to find out about the best selling game: Halo 3.
With discussions on the role of religion and science in the game, this collection of essays also looks into the creation of and community reaction to the launch of the Halo series. Updates on the upcoming movie and a rigorous analysis of the vehicles of Halo are also included.

About the Author
Glenn Yeffeth is the editor of Farscape Forever!, Seven Seasons of Buffy, and Taking the Red Pill, as well as coeditor of Finding Serenity. He lives in Dallas.

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