Thursday, August 16, 2007


Hello all, Welcome to my first blog for The Xbox Collector, and I hope it's the first of many!

Well, all of us with an Xbox360 (who I call the greatest gamers on the planet) have no doubt plunged into the amazing Bioshock Demo on Xbox Live. I can say personally that I was blown away by the overall presentation and game play. In fact, I was so impressed, that I cannot wait to pick up my copy, and some lucky people have been able to that already simply by trotting on down to their local Toys R' US.

It seems that Many Toys R' US' stores were selling Bioshock, in regular and limited editions, over a week early! In my personal experience, I even saw this taboo art of breaking "Street Date" at a local Gamestop, wherein a few lucky patrons were able to pick up their Limited Editions of the game! I've even seen some gamers on Xbox Live with Achievements and gamer pics from the game, so it's definitely not an isolated incident.

Since this story broke (the full story can be found over at by following this link, Toys R' US has stopped selling the game. When I called a local store to see if I could snag a copy, I was told by an employee that they 'were given the wrong street date by 2K games' and will resume selling the game next week. Bummer for me, since I didn't act fast enough...

My final thought on this whole thing is that stores like Toys R US, and even, to an extent Gamestop, constantly hire people who no nothing (that is 0%) about Video Games. This is why Street Date Accidents happen. Any Gamer worth their weight in salt knows when Bioshock is being released, since we've been waiting for it forever! Now, eBay is being clogged with Copies of the game going for well over $150 Clams!

By the way, if you are one of these eBay sellers... I say Shame on you! Taking advantage of Gamers like that! If you are a buyer of one of these eBay auctions... I say an even Bigger SHAME on you! If you just show a little patience you can get the game, and for a much lower price.

To those with Bioshock right now (I am speaking to people got it to PLAY it) enjoy it and revel in the fact that you got it early! For those who missed out on all the hoopla... remain patient, as Rapture will come for you... Next Week.

--Capt. Capcom
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