Monday, December 31, 2007

Weighted Companion Cube Plush Toys!!

Every Portal player knows that the Weighted Companion Cube was the greatest videogame character to come along in 2007. If you are a true cube lover then you should check out the new Weighted Companion Cube plush toys Valve has set free on the world.

While the Valve Store is sold out of these plush tastic cubes there are many of them on Ebay right now but they are selling for upwards of $200. Also on Ebay was a giant Weighted Companion Cube with proceeds being given to Childs Play but the auction ended with the a final bid of $1,200!!! Act now if you want a cube to be forever part of your real life.


Sources: Ebay Valve Store Kotaku

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chocolate Master Chief

Microsoft Russia seems to be sending out these giant tin covered chocolate Master Chief coins to their partners this holiday season. The chief looks to be surrounded by a bunch of Xbox orbs, pigeon eggs and lettuce.

Source: Kotaku

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Improved Xbox 360 Controller coming?

There has recently been talks of Microsoft making a motion sensored controller and Cesar from Teamxbox took a break from his holiday to bring the community this message:

"I should not have been talking about this until next year, but a story of a motion sensing add-on for the Xbox 360 controller forced me to interrupt my holiday break. First, let me tell you that the image floating around with supposed prototypes of a motion sensing Xbox 360 controller is FAKE.

The image in question (see above) was taken from a Gizmodo article that showed the many prototypes Gyration and Bridge Design pitched to Nintendo in 2001; prototypes that eventually gave birth to the Wii controller. can confirm that Microsoft has been researching alternative input technologies for the last two years, including vision-based recognition such as the one used on Xbox Live Vision, as well as motion sensing technologies similar to those seen in the Microsoft Freestyle Pro and the PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS.

Particularly, Microsoft has looked at ways to improve the right analog stick input and you’ll hear more about those efforts soon.

In the long run, there’s more than a first-party tilt mod in the works and will bring you a real list of next-generation Xbox controller prototypes soon. "

Personally I have no problems with the current 360 controller, and I have my Wii to please my motion sensor needs, but if Microsoft wants to combine the two, I wont complain.


Source - Teamxbox

Friday, December 28, 2007

Limited Edition Lithograph

Check out this cool lithograph from my current game of choice: Mass Effect.

"Talented BioWare artist Sung Kim was commissioned to create this beautiful and unique rendition of the arch-villain of the Mass Effect universe: Saren Arterius. The image also features a young Captain David Anderson. Limited to a print run of 100 prints, hand-signed by the artist, only 75 of these will be made publicly available."

A signed, limited edition lithograph for only $18 seems like a good idea. For $42 you can buy the full game and experience one of the best 360 games to date.


Source - BioWare Store

Edit: Seems they are sold out. Sorry guys.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Custom made Plasma Grenade

Over at Ebay seller worldwidewebbs is selling this custom made plasma grenade based off the ones that are popular in the Halo series.

"What you have here is a plasma grenade "prop," that you can display next to your Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360, or on your desk, or even attach to a costume. The grenade is made from clear blue plastic and is illuminated from the inside by a blue LED. There is also a genuine red laser built into the grenade. For safety precautions, I have covered the lens with a white paint to prevent the laser from being pointed accidentally into someone's eyes. Still, I would try to avoid looking directly at the laser if at all possible. The grenade comes with a metal base "cup" that can hold the grenade for display. The LED and laser are powered by three button-cell batteries like watch batteries, which are included and can be replaced without disassembling the grenade, and which are activated by a slide switch."

The grenade sells for $19.99 with a shipping cost of $5. For a object that doesn't even do anything I would be more than willing to shell out the 20 bucks for this amazing piece of work.

~The new guy. (Hotapplepie)


Rock Band - Drumshhh , Keep your drums quiet!

Check out this neat new product. Drumshhh, what a great idea. This way my neighbors don't have to yell at me when I drum a bit to hard.

Source: Drumshhh

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel is now only $99.99

Microsoft announced recently that they have droped the price of the Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel by $30 from $130 to $99.99.

"Microsoft is now giving holiday shoppers even more value by reducing the price of its incredibly popular Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel by $30 to just $99 (U.S. ERP). The newly priced Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel now comes bundled with a driver disc and a demo of the acclaimed “Forza Motorsport 2” including full force feedback support. With its sleek design and cutting edge technology, the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel immerses gamers in an unparalleled racing experience.

The Wireless Racing Wheel is compatible with all of the most popular racing games on Xbox 360, including:
• Forza Motorsport 2
• Project Gotham Racing 4
• Project Gotham Racing 3
• Test Drive Unlimited
• Need for Speed Carbon
• DiRT• Nascar 08"

Source: Teamxbox

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays

Wow, it's been a WHILE since my last blog. Sorry about that, it's been a crazy few months for me.

Anyway, I wanted to wish all the readers and bloggers of The Xbox Collector Happy Holidays with a Special Greeting Card I found:


I'll be back with more blogs in 2008, I promise.

--Capt. Capcom

The Orange Box

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aliens Custom Faceplate

Commisioned faceplate by Pavel Dolgov.
Aliens Xbox 360 Faceplate.

Strike Freedom Gundam - Lighting Edition Xbox 360 Faceplate

Commisioned Faceplate by Pavel Dolgov.
Strike Freedom Gundam - Lighting Edition Xbox 360 Faceplate

Cutomized Stencil Xbox 360

Commisioned artwork : Customized Xbox 360 for Traktor agency (Austria)

Source: C215

Xbox 360 Transformers Bot Toy

I don't know if this is a custom or retail item, either way its cool.

Source: fathi haziq

Custom Purple and White Halo Xbox 360

Very simplistic. Could have been worse.

Source: Cryostasis

Sex Pistols Guitar Hero 3 Faceplate

Check out this neat official Guitar Hero 3 Sex Pistols faceplate. Pretty sweet. I'd snag these I think in the future Guitar Hero stuff will have some value.

Source: eBay

Mosaic Tile Faceplate

Not the most impressive faceplate. But at least its original.
"Made with authentic italian tiles..."

Source: eBay

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Portal T-Shirt - Cake is a Lie

Yes! This is a very very cool shirt if your a HL2 Orange Box PORTAL fan ! Which I happen to be.

Source: Splitreason

Friday, November 23, 2007

Amazing Custom Bioshock Faceplate

Check out this crazy looking custom faceplate made by JackTheRipper.

Source: XBA Forums

Xbox Addict has a sweet FACEPLATE forum!

Our friends over at Xbox Addict have launched some really nice Faceplate forums for all you collectors and modifiers. My good friends Artistpavel and Spaceghost2k have even found time to show support.

Click here to visit the Faceplate Forums.

Order Turok, Get a Shirt !

Every once and a while you will see a preorder that is worth while. Turok looks to be a promising refreshing reinventing of the classic series. Why not sport the shirt? I actually have 2 Turok shirts from E306 and I love them. :)

Source: EbGames

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

5 Limited Edition Ace Combat 6 Faceplates

There are 5 of these? Whats up with companies now days, first it was Eternal Sonata and now Ace Combat. Unless you work at a game store or are willing to fork over a load of cash on ebay you probably will never have this full set of Ace Combat 6 faceplates for the Xbox 360. One of the faceplates even includes a special case.

Source: eBay

Autographed Mass Effect and Bioware Custom Faceplates !

One of the masters of custom faceplate design, SpaceGhost2k has struck again with his awesome Bioware Corp. and Mass Effect faceplates. The lucky guy had a chance to head up to Canada to play Mass Effect and he was lucky to score a load of developer autographs to really enhance the greatness.

-SpaceGhost2k's Mass Effect Event Write Up.
SpaceGhost2k's in your Face-Plates.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mass Effect CE, Buy online only.

Bioware has decided to make Mass Effect Collectors Edition online available online at select retailers like EBgames.

Source: Kotaku

NCSoft devs dress up as Team Fortress 2 characters!

Looks like dressing up like the classes from Team Fortress 2 is the hot costume this year. Check out some of the devs over at NCsoft, they happen to be big fans of the game. Congrats guys!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Halo 3 Red Team Flag

Check out this custom Red team flag. It would be cool if you had a Master Chief MJOLNIR armor suit and a Mongoose to go with it.

Source: eBay

Halo 3 Shotgun Shell Keychain

Sold in limited quantities at Gamestops in the US.
Source: eBay

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Comic Artist Customizes Xbox 360 Faceplate

Watch this cool video of Micheal Turner, a very talented comic book artist who has worked on comics like Tomb Raider and Superman. The video was recorded at Wizard World LA 2006.

Source: Youtube (trunks696)
Wiki: Micheal Turner

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halo Effect: Totaly Unathorized book about the best selling game of all-time!

Book Description

Halo Effect is a collection of essays on the bestselling video game Halo and is not authorized by Bungie, Microsoft, or any entity associated with Halo.
his game is for us gamers that truly want to find out about the best selling game: Halo 3.
With discussions on the role of religion and science in the game, this collection of essays also looks into the creation of and community reaction to the launch of the Halo series. Updates on the upcoming movie and a rigorous analysis of the vehicles of Halo are also included.

About the Author
Glenn Yeffeth is the editor of Farscape Forever!, Seven Seasons of Buffy, and Taking the Red Pill, as well as coeditor of Finding Serenity. He lives in Dallas.

Source: Amazon

Mass Effect: Revelation

A four-star book! (
as rated on

Book Description

When every society relies on Protheans, a species that disappeared 50,000+ years ago. A sample of Protheans is found on Mars in 2148, people are moving to the stars. Ship commander and Alliance war hero, David Anderson researches a top secret military base, searching for Kahlee Sanders, where is she? No record are left of her, what will they do now? Read the book to find out!

About the Author
Drew Karpyshyn is the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, and several other fantasy and science fiction novels. He is also an award-winning writer/designer for the computer game company BioWare, where he was lead writer on Mass Effect and the popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. He lives in Canada’s hinterlands with his loving wife, Jen, and their cat.

Source: Amazon

ArtFX Halo 3 Master Chief Statue

Release: Oct. 8, 2007
Short Description: The Covenant control Earth. The Flood is unleashed. With the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, only Master Chief stands ready turn the tide as the Human-Covenant war comes to is shattering climax in Halo 3! Developed by the KOTOBUKIYA staff in conjunction with Bungie, this fabulously detailed ARTFX Statue perfectly replicates every detail of the armored battle suit as seen in the smash-hit game. As a special bonus, this PVC figure includes multiple bonus parts for a variety of posing options: armed with deadly Energy Sword, or with dual Magnum handguns. One of the highest quality Japanese collectibles ever produced from the Halo universe, the Master Chief ARTFX Statue measures a whopping 12" H (with base, which even has the armor of a fallen Brute)!
Source: EBgames

Monday, October 1, 2007

IPTV on 360???

Yep, its true, the release of IPTV for our 360's is soon!

What is it?
It is a system where a service is digital television delivered by using internet protocal over a network infrastructure, which may include delivery by a broadband connection. A general definition of IPTV is television content that, instead of being delivered through traditional broadcast and cable formats, is received by the viewer through the technologies used for computer networks.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Unboxing Halo ActionClix

I recently got some awesome Halo ActionClix from Wizkids in the mail. I was really excited to get these not just as a collector but as a gamer in general. I have never had the chance to play a Wizkids miniature game and I am looking forward to sitting down at the coffee table with a friend and checking this series out.

One thing I can say is that these minis are extremely detailed. I was very impressed with the overall package of these booster sets. I am already hooked and plan on buying more of these in time.

My ActionClix photo gallery.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Win bunch of cool swag while waiting in line for Halo 3 !

Hey folks, im hosting a contest in the forums that you should definitely check into if you are a collector and attending a Halo 3 Midnight Madness launch line.

Here is the grand prize:

Custom Tshirt with your gamertag.
Medal of Honor: Airborne for Xbox 360
Super Ultra Extremely Mega Rare Swag Pack !

* Swag Pack includes:
Geometry Wars Glow in the Dark Stars [from pax 2007]
Mountain Dew Game Fuel wrist sweatband [from e3 2006]
3 Xbox 360 Pins [from 'Crackdown' Event at MS]
Viva Pinata sticker set ['Largest Pinata Party 2005']
Rockstar Sticker [from pax 2007]
Kane & Lynch Sticker [from pax 2007]
EA Rockband Drum Sticker [from pax 2007]

Get all the contest details here !

Introducing the Xbox Mini

Check out this amazing custom mini Xbox created by someone with a lot of time on their hands. Very cool stuff, follow his progress in the Xbox-Scene forums.

Call of Duty 4: MW Collectors Edition Annouced

-click comic to enlarge-

Everyone loves collector's editions, Actvision will be releasing CoD4 M.W. on November 4th get ready to fork over a good chunk of money for a good game.

"Each Limited Collector's Edition includes a special hardcover book featuring exclusive concepts, never-before-seen imagery and final artwork from the award-winning team that details the breath-taking action from the soldier to the satellite.
The Xbox 360 edition also takes gamers behind-the-scenes with a bonus DVD containing more than four hours of interviews and features, an exclusive documentary exploring the British S.A.S from World War II to modern day, and a series of "making of" vignettes highlighting Infinity Ward's research, technology and story development for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."

Source: CharlieOscarDelta

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Simple Question.

My T-Shirt Design Monkey's over at Narcoleptic Insomnia have come up with a new shirt that asks a very Important Question That I, myself, have asked countless times:

A Simple Design for a Simple Question.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Rainbow Six Vegas Custom Faceplate

The last custom faceplate I am posting today. This one is also made by the 3d faceplate master, SpaceGhost 2k. Start fighting terrorists at home with your own custom 3d Rainbow Six Vegas faceplate. Definitely a top of the link faceplate modification.

Source: ebay

Burger King - "Where's your god now" Faceplate

Here is another one of SpacesGhosts2k's custom faceplates.

"Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of your competition like knowing your guardian angel is none other than the King... the Burger King, that is. Parodied off a widely circulated and hilarious internet photo, you bring tha King to your next fragfest." -SG

Source: ebay

Gold Zelda Themed Xbox 360 Custom Faceplate

Check out these 2 awesome Zelda themed faceplates that Spaceghost2k from the TeamXbox forums has created. With every new custom faceplate he designs he gets better.

Source: eBay

The BAN HAMMER Strikes!

I haven't been able to post many Blogs, due to my incredible addiction to the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multi Player Beta. But I feel I needed to address the recent surge of Xbox Live Banning Stories that have been surging the Internet.

As many web savvy folks know, It seems some people have been banned from Xbox Live until the magical date of 12/31/9999 ... or basically one day before New Year's Day 10,000 AD!!! This is due to these (Very Few) naughty players who have been cheating to get into both the Call of Duty 4 Beta without a token or a Closed Halo 3 Beta (code named Epsilon), that they had NO BUSINESS obtaining. I'm not clear on the actual details of how players were able to do this, but I do know that its a Violation of the Terms of Service and these folks got their Live accounts Banned until... well let's just say Forever.

Don't believe the huge out cry though... this only happened to a small handful of players, and Microsoft didn't ban Thousands of Accounts like some websites are reporting. Some Websites are even reporting that these players got Advanced copies of Halo 3 from Local Best Buy Stores... that too is wrong.

Regarding Halo 3... I say for shame! A well deserved Ban on these players for cheating. The game comes out in LESS THAN 30 Days... which is A LOT sooner than 12/31/9999, it just wasn't worth it.

As for the the COD4 beta, the best advice I can give in a situation like this is try and be patient. Microsoft knows you all want to play, but PLEASE be patient cause if you break the rules, you can be banned. Look Even I got a Token, and If I can wait for one, so can you!

XBOX Terms of Service

Friday, September 7, 2007

Todd Mcfarlane Interview

The folks at TXB have released an interesting interview with Todd Mcfarlane the godfather of Spawn and so many other comic characters. Head over there and get all the details on what Todd and his team have been creating with the Halo license in their hands.

Source: Teamxbox

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Halo ActionClix: The Covenant

Halo ActionClix: Launch Countdown - The Covenant

This year at PAX 2007, Godfather X and I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the guys at Wizkids and interview him about the Halo ActionClix being released this September. Turns out we had some technical difficulties with our microphone at that moment and we lost the audio interview. Either way believe me when I say Halo ActionClix are absolutely amazing.

There will be over 80 different pieces for every entity in the Halo universe. The detail on the figurines are stunning. Halo ActionClixis a collectible tabletop miniatures game.
Tabletop players should be familiar with the award-winning Clix miniatures game engine. Gamers will be able to purchase Halo ActionClix in 2 different sized booster packs that will include preview content of Halo 3.

Take a look at some of the Covenant miniatures:

Serving as the main infantry of the Covenant army, individually the Grunts are fairly weak and are most effective when attacking in groups. In Halo ActionClix, Grunts will similarly be weak on their own but with grenades they will still stand a chance against more powerful foes.

As the next step up from the Grunts, Jackals serve a more defensive/long-range role in the Covenant’s forces. In Halo ActionClix, as in the video games, Jackals can also come equipped with shields, making them one of the tougher characters to take down.

The newest addition to the Covenant’s army, the Brutes are also unquestionably one of its toughest factions. Physically resilient and extremely strong, their Halo ActionClix counterparts will definitely be a force on your tabletop.

As one of its oldest and most respected members, the Elites hold a special place within the Covenant’s hierarchy. This, coupled with their excellent fighting skills and superior military minds, make them one of the biggest threats to the Covenant’s enemies. Halo ActionClix’s Elites are no different, and will come equipped with a variety of weapons, from Plasma Rifles to Energy Swords.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Halo 3 Kubricks. Are they out?

The new Halo 3 Kubricks were supposed to be released a few weeks ago, but on the reported day of their release, GameStop changed the release date to later next month. Upon checking out the site again, it now says they are available in twenty four hours. Odd, as I reserved a couple at GameStop and have yet to receive a call. I will follow up with a call to them tomorrow and report to you guys if they are officially out yet. Quite a steal for twenty bucks, if I do say so myself.

“Imported from Medicom in Japan! These adorable little block figures feature the likeness of the one and only Master Chief from the iconic Halo franchise. 4-pack includes traditional Green, online Red and Blue, and stealth Clear versions of Master Chief, and be on the lookout for the rare Black chase version! Stands 2 1/2" tall”

Update 1: It seems that eBay sellers have them on hand...

Update 2: Yup! There out! The bad news is that if you didn't reserve one at a Gamestop store directly then your out of luck at getting one there. Gamestop no longer carries toys on a regular basis, so if you want to pick up a set of these; order it from Gamestop dot com.

Do the Dew..Halo Dew..

Getting ready for a massive Halo 3 party this September? Cool! Along with your pizza and your snacks, you have to provide plenty of soda and what better way to keep it cold for your Halo party then a Mountain Dew Halo Gamefuel cooler?

I would totally get one if I had the extra cash sitting around, maybe it is time to ask my Pepsi rep friend if he can hook me up with one.

Halo: Uprising released.

After almost a month’s worth of delays, issue #1 of Halo Uprising has finally reached comic book stores! Heading over to my local comic store, I picked up two issues, one to open and read and one to keep sealed for all eternity. (Or when I spill Mountain Dew on the first one.)

Halo Uprising is a four book miniseries that bridges the gap between Halo 2 and Halo 3.

The first issue has already unearthed a few mysterious of Halo 3 and how the war has progressed on Earth. The artwork is crisp and really captures the Halo universe, much like Halo the Graphic Novel did. If you’re a fan of the story line to the Halo Universe then you really have to pick these up as they’ll just add to the overall enjoyment of Halo 3 when it comes out.

Due to the delay of Halo Uprising, you should be on the lookout for the small promotional 11x17 posters that listed the release date as July 2007. Many comic stores I’ve been to received new ones that say the release date for the comic is August. So the original poster is worth it due to its error and rarity. Try searching for them on eBay and see if you can hunt them down.

If small 11x17 posters won’t do it for you, comic shops should be selling the Halo Uprising poster now as well. I picked one up today along with my comic issues. I’ll display a picture of it once I get a frame of it.