Friday, January 5, 2007

2 Criket Games on Xbox? Really...

I know Cricket is very popular in the UK, Australia and New Zeland but I would have never expected two games for the Xbox. Im curious how many units they sold, at least that way I could verify their rarity. The seller claims they are rare.
As far as I know these were not sold in the U.S.

* EA Sports Cricket 2005
* Ricky Ponting Internation Cricket 2005

Source: eBay

Marcus Fenix Statue

"RARE STATUETTE FROM MICROSOFT XBOX 360.This exclusive figurine of Marcus Fenix, the central character from the game, stand at 155mm high and 72mm in diameter, and is officially licensed Gears of War memorabilia. IT IS IN A BOX- UNWANTED COMPETITION PRIZE.IT IS NUMBERED 1809 UNDERNEATH- A LIMITED EDITION. Quite a heavy figure and well made, so postage is fairly high. "

Source: eBay

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Custom Painted Soccer Player Faceplate

Inspired by Portuguese soccer player Christiano Ronaldo.

Acrylic paint on an official Xbox 360 faceplate. This faceplate was custom painted for one of Pavel Dolgovs clients. Looks almost photo realistic.


For the ones that follow the Urban Vinyl Trend this is nothing new. Dunny's, Munnies and Qees are all the rage. Going upward from 60 dollars and up, these dudes are extremely collectable and taxing on the pockets.

However, they sell "blank Qees" and Blank Dunnys, meaning they are all white ready for you to custumize at your leasure. This has created a huge wave of artists and designers making their own make on the vinyl toy industry. The biggest and most famous store is Kidrobot sells thousands of these toys.

Now That you have some history, here is a Marcus Fenix Munny created byEmilio Lopez. I am DYING TO GET this! I myself have a blank Munny at home, very very alone. Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Xbox 360 wrist bands

Want to show the world how much of a fanboy you are? look no further. I recently found some wristbands on ebay! They are not new or rare, but that is besides the point. You can get them now for $2.99; you certainly can't beat that!

Get them NOW!