Thursday, December 14, 2006

Easily Win a Halo 3 Vinyl Decal !

Hey folks, I am holding a giveaway at 360style for some Halo 3 Decals that Blessed Things hooked me up with. Check it out !.

Collecting Critics vs. Duke !!

I always get critics who tell me that its pointless to collect Xbox "stuff" . That it will never mature in value and that it doesn't have that same feeling as a nintendo item. I never believed that and I save anything I can get my hands on with that little green logo.

Here is a perfect example: The Original Xbox 1 " Duke" Controller.
Current eBay price: $102

Holy crap Batman ! That is insane, even as a collector i'm shocked. I mean you can pick up a mint NES controller for less then half that price and it is for a vintage system. But then again how can I say im shocked, I once sold a X-Men Legends (Xbox 1) Strategy guide on ebay for 125$ .

Signed Deion Branch Seahawks Faceplate.

Check out this Deion Branch(#83) autographed faceplate. The starting bid is ranging around $40. A steal if your are a huge Seahawk fan. But then again if you read the sellers auction he gets you detailed instructions in how to obtain your own signature. Source : eBay.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Be featured on the Xbox Collector !

Hey guys and gals, I know alot of you have some nice collections. Please send us your pictures of your stuff along with some details and I will feature you in a future blog post.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Xbox Dev Kit Enclosure Shell !

You know, if I really had money to waste today. I would have bought this Xbox 1 Dev Kit Shell. This ugly piece of gaming memorabilia was rescued from a dumpster.

Source: eBay