Saturday, December 2, 2006

Xbox 360 Robot Shirt

Hot topic maybe be known for gothic clothing, but now they have a bunch of Xbox and Nintendo related shirts that are really awesome. This is a Robot Xbox 360 shirt. I totally love it!

Buy it here!

Friday, December 1, 2006

New Bungie Merchandise, Carnage Zone Sign!

The Bungie store has a few new items in stock.
Check out this "Carnage Zone" sign. You can have this for about 11$ without s/h.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gears of War Case Mod

That is one sexy Case Mod! Its very well done and its professional. Great job. From more images click here.

Suzuki does Xbox

People Just love to make cars from th xbox 360 concept.

"If you thought the Indigo Ferret was an obscure brand of mescaline going around Taos, stick around; you'll probably be right at some point. But today, at the LA Auto Show, the Ferret in question is pro gamer Patrick Wyrick, who helped Suzuki create the SXbox concept it plans to unveil. Based on the new SX4 compact crossover, the SXbox has a combination of mild performance upgrades and extra spicy AV kittage. Considering performance, the car's been fitted with high-flow airbox/intake, cat-back exhaust, suspension tweaks and multi-piston alloy brake calipers and cross-drilled, vented rotors. The AV portion includes and multispeaker surround audio provide and a dashboard-integrated Xbox 360 console hooked to a digital projection system, which uses the retractable hood as a screen. A second Xbox is linked to LCD displays in the rear seat backs, and a 30" retractable rear projection screen rises from the cargo area on command. It's also got force-feedback front seats and four wireless controllers, including one mounted on the steering wheel . The rolling distraction unit is the product of ASC of Huntington Beach."

More pictures here.