Saturday, November 4, 2006

Xbox 360 Neon light stand.

Looking to show case your Xbox 360 in the dark? Want your Xbox 360 to stand firm in its place when you have it set to stand tall? Look no further then the item you above! You can pick one up from eBay from user XboxBeyond! Follow the link to buy one!

Halo USB Hub

Looking for a USB Hub thats fits your gaming room or style? Head on over to the bungie store to get one!

Skin to die for

If you want to make your Buddies die with envy, what better way to have a Xbox 360 WITH a Jenna Jameson skin? I think she totally rocks, and i'm sure the fella's agree. Hurry, Bidding is almost over!

Winter Wear

Now that Winter is around the way, I think its a perfect time to buy some Xbox 360 outter wear. For starters, I really want this hoody. They also have puffy jackets and more at the xbox gear store. Since X-mas is comming soon, i should ask some of my co-workers to get me some xbox gear.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

And more Gears Faceplates

From Best Buy, Circuit City and EB come these faceplates and Skin. if you are a real collector you ill get them all right? Take a picture for us:)

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Custom 360: Master Chief Edition

Running around the Interweb, I found this pretty neat 360 Custom with Master Chief. The artists explains he made a stencil and painted it. Pretty cool man!

Xbox theme Shirt.

coming from Kaws and a huge Japanese magazine, they collab on shirts for the Xbox 360. This Japan product, is available online.. Now, if we could read Japanese..

Gears of war Mania

So we all want the latest GOW swag. From posters to stickers, faceplates and even landyards. But you know what the ultimate swag is? Is none of that. Something that will be with you forever ( our until removed by laser) A tattoo. Now THAT is HARDCORE.

Check out Major Nelson's Coverage form New England thru his Flickr.

Gears of Merch.

The game is almost upon us and with it a slew of freaking awesome merchandise! You've already seen one of the faceplates that have been released to retail stores, now witness the console case and second faceplate!
The second faceplate also comes with two skins to put on the sides of your Xbox 360. They are pretty decent, though they are folded up in the package and need some time to uncurl when you get them out. The console case? Absolutely sweet with plenty of room to store all your stuff for your big Gears LAN party.

The faceplate kit will run your 30 bucks and the console case will run you about 60. Now I must hunt down a Gears lanyard...after seeing Pink's i'm jealous! Plus my Halo 2 one is getting old...

Stay tuned...tomorrow morning I post some pics of some Gears stickes..

Gears of war promo shirt

I hope you have pre ordered Gears of War. Not just because you should, but because you get this great shirt! What's that? you pre ordered and didnt get one? Me either. BUT if you havent gotten one because your local gaming store is cheap, stop crying! they are on EBAY!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spidey hangs on 360'S TOO!

Talk about being multi talented! Spidey can just do it all! Riderhero posted this awsome custom faceplate on his Deviantart page. It really rocks!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Gears of War gets practical.

Forget about the Wii's ability to take down notes. It's all abou the post it! What better post it then a Gears Of War Post it? Back to the basics people!

I like keys. But i like key chains and lanyards better! I got this and the posts it above from my awsome boyfriend that knows how much i LOVE swag. HEY! go find your own!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brand new day with Cereal and Plastic!

Plastic new toys that is! Kellogg's cornflakes are part of a balanced breakfast fit for a gamer. Now including XBOX branded toys! oh joy!! If you are too lazy to get to your local supermarket, do not fear, Ebay is here. Boxes are Being sold on Ebay!
You dont only get the TOY! but the Cereal aswell! OMG ROXZ0RZZ!

Halo 3 Scans

From the Looks of it, seems Bungie is not too happy with the Halo 3 scans. But The people have the power and they have Flickr! Thanks to the Star mama for scanning these images in and sticking it to the men!