Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gears Of War Nikes.

What would happen if Nike and Gears of War Teamed up? Well, Hopefully something like this. I made this Custom Dunks Today. GOD, I WANT THEM!
(click image for Bigger picture)

X06 Canada Major Nelson Signed Faceplate

This is a really pretty faceplate. There are only 300 of them made. This one is personally signed by Major Nelson. Honestly , no offense Major but your autograph really isn't worth anything, I love you like a father figure but I probably could have got your autograph about 890 times at E3. Anyways, if you are Canadian and enjoy 360, snowboarding and hockey. Head over to ebay and fork over a ton of cash for this rare item.

Source [ eBay ]

Ubisoft Vendor Faceplate for Xbox 360.

Oh my freaking shrapnel!
Check out this stunning Ubisoft vendor faceplate featuring Splinter Cell:DA, Rainbow Six Vegas and Ghost Recon: AW.
I did actually bid on this. It was 30$ when I found it. I then bid 40$, then 45$.. It seems like someone wants it more then me. Thats ok im not into paying a goldmine for a piece of plastic, although I really like it. I did buy the Zero Hour faceplate for 100$ (which i kinda regret seeing you can pick them up for cheaper now.)

Source [ eBay ]

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cool Cases for 360!

I love Case Mods and im sure you do too. SO! Here is a collector of awsome case mods just for you! See, we love you guys! we have you tons and tons of time :)


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Xbox Shoes

Okay, These arent the nicest shoes ever, but its the though that counts. I have been thinking of making xbox 360 themed shoes for a while. I seen so many Sony ones, Xbox 360 needs some love too! Well, great minds think a like ... i guess. These Xbox themed shoes, are ugly, but.. yeah. I do like the Sole. I dont know much about these, If you do drop me a line!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Carbon Fiber

When ever i play Need for Speed, it is a must i that add carbon fiber to my car. Why? Because It just makes your car that much better. If it where up to me, i would be walking round in a carbon fiber dress and shoes to match. Umm, on second though, I would make my x360 carbon fiber. And now i can! This little puppy is on Ebay for 16.95 usd. They carry a variety of colors, sure to please everyone and anyone.