Friday, August 18, 2006

The Ackibox 360

Check out this modded suitcase stuffed with an LCD and Xbox 360.Kinda cool, kinda bulky. More info here.

Rare ODST!

You can't imagine how much joy I had when I got ahold of one of these rare orbital shock troopers! To my knowledge they did not have them at the recent Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, but only at the one in San Diego!

Thanks to Ebay, I was finally able to find one at a decent price, now I just have to resist the urge to open it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rare Faceplate Collector

Im sure you heard about Rhinotronics by now, he has been featured in the Official Xbox magazine and other places. He has one of the most elaborate collections of 360 faceplates. Take a look at his blog and see his collection up close.

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Live Arcade Joystick !!!!!


EBgames was recently listing this Mad Catz Xbox Live Arcade joystick. At the moment it seems the link is down. Either way this is a great idea, i know ill invest in it because I play a TON of arcade games.

Madden faceplate.

Just like NCAA Football had a faceplate with its latest release, so does Madden! You can get your hands on one by looking for one on eBay or preordering at certain game stores. live.

Hey guys this blog has grown to mass proportions. So far we have posted over 120 updates about collectable Xbox items since December '05.

Anyways I went along and registered the domain , before someone else did.

Also if you are an Xbox Collector and have a cool setup you would like us to spotlight on the website, then go ahead and drop me an email.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Viva Pinata and Halo faceplates

I knew there was going to be an Official Halo faceplate soon but I did not know about the Viva Pinata one. Check out the goods at EbGames. Only $19.99 (cough,cough, thats a lil' expensive for a piece of molded plastic.)

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Halo 2 neon sign.

Here is one of my pride and joys' from my collection, a very cool Halo 2 blue neon bar sign! This sucker easily lights up my whole studio in the dark and looks great. Where did get this piece of awesomeness? The one and only Ebay, of course.

Since it was from China, I only paid about 3 dollars American and about 10 dollars American for shipping..I tried looking around to see if any more are around and it doesn't' look like there is...Sorry guys!

However for those 360 fans out there, you can always bid on this!